Our Work

Research With Results

Our staff monitors philanthropic practices and carefully and systematically researches potential areas for reform that can make a positive, progressive difference for nonprofits and the communities they serve. We have long advocated for significantly improving philanthropic accountability and responsiveness. With our recommendations for reform, we hope to bring a sense of democratic and fair governance and oversight to the billions of dollars held in the trust of the sector.


A History of Impact

Since 1976, our research and campaigns have contributed to vital improvements in the philanthropic sector, such as:


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Comprehensive Outreach

Change can only happen when everyone who is affected has a seat at the table and has an opportunity to speak. Recognizing that we would not be as effective if we worked with only foundations, we make a concerted effort to collaborate with our colleagues in nonprofit organizations, the media and with local, regional and national policy makers.


Organizational Evaluation

To assess NCRP's influence over philanthropic practices in the U.S., the organization has carried out organizational evaluations with the TCC Group in 2010 and 2014. The TCC Group reviewed internal documents and data, conducted in-depth interviews with more than two dozen sector leaders, and surveyed hundreds of grantmakers and nonprofits. Explore some of NCRP's key findings from this process:

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