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Through research and advocacy, NCRP continues to promote the vision of a more democratic and responsive philanthropic sector that is a pivotal force for social progress.

iStock_000011742102_smallOur work is based on the three principles of Philanthropy at Its Best ®:

Ongoing Initiatives


Philamplify is our new groundbreaking initiative where expert assessments and stakeholder feedback meet to amplify the impact of philanthropy.

Criteria for Philanthropy at Its Best: Benchmarks to Assess and Enhance Grantmaker Impact
This is the first ever set of measurable guidelines for foundations and institutional grantmakers to operate ethically and maximize the impact of their dollars.
High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy
Grantmakers focusing on arts and culture, education, environment,  health and other issues can boost their impact by thinking about who benefits from their giving and how policy and community engagement might help them address the root causes of the social problems they care about.
Philanthropy's Promise
Celebrates many of the country’s most innovative and influential grantmaking institutions that seek to maximize the effectiveness of their grants and generate the greatest impact in their communities.


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