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NCRP2007-Rural_Philanthropy_REVISEDEDITION_FINAL_CoverMEDIUMRural communities are among several groups that are underserved by institutional philanthropy. Current grantmaking trends show that philanthropy favors urban-based or urban-focus nonprofits over groups that serve or are located in rurual communities. Rural Philanthropy: Building Dialogue From Within, identifies perceived and real barriers between rural nonprofits and foundation based in urban areas and suggests ways to overcome these obstacles.

Findings and recommendations in this report are based on  focus groups conveved in eastern Kentucky, southern Miami-Dade county in Florida, western Texas' border with Mexico, Montana and northern California in February, March and April 2007 to discuss various strategies that both rural nonprofits and foundations can promote to increase philanthropy that benefit rural communities.


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The Power of Persuasion: Getting More Foundations to Fund Rural In Philanthropy and Rural America

by Aaron Dorfman
August 2007

NCRP talks about the rural philanthropy summit held in Montana in by the Council on Foundations. It identifies several obstacles to rural grantmaking and strategies to overcome these challenges based on the report Rural Philanthropy: Building Dialogue from Within.

Beyond City Limits: The Philanthropic Needs of Rural America

May 2004

In this report, we analyze whether the nonprofits of rural America have adequate access to the philanthropic capital markets controlled by American foundations to give them the wherewithal to address the complexities of challenges in non-metropolitan communities.

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Creating a Philanthropic Sector that is More Responsive to the Needs of Diverse Communities

NCRP submitted its comments to the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight on whether the charitable organizations are serving the needs of diverse communities. The subcommittee held a hearing on September 25, 2007.

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