Encouraging Good Grantmaking Practices

Through its research and advocacy work, NCRP highlights concrete practices that foundations and other grantmaking institutions can use to more effectively empower nonprofits working to meet the needs of underserved communities.

Work around this program includes:


Related Initiatives


Freedom Funders: Philanthropy and The Civil Rights Movement 1955-1965

This report looks at four foundations that provided critical support to the Civil Rights Movement providing lessons to the social justice funders of today.

Criteria for Philanthropy at Its Best: Benchmarks to Assess and Enhance Grantmaker Impact
This is the first ever set of measurable guidelines for foundations and institutional grantmakers to operate ethically and maximize the impact of their dollars.
Grantmaking for Community Impact Project
Learn about the positive impact that communities have seen through funder-supported nonpartisan policy and community engagement in seven sites across the country on issues ranging from poverty and homelessness to education and environmental justice.
High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy
Grantmakers focusing on arts and culture, education, environment, health and other issues can boost their impact by thinking about who benefits from their giving and how policy and community engagement might help them address the root causes of the social problems they care about.
Philanthropy's Promise
Celebrates many of the country’s most innovative and influential grantmaking institutions that seek to maximize the effectiveness of their grants and generate the greatest impact in their communities.

Recent Statements and Testimonies

Testimony on Capital One's Philanthropy

October 2011

In a written testimony submitted to the Federal Reserve, NCRP's Aaron Dorfman expressed his doubt over the philanthropic claims made by Capital One as it seeks to acquire ING Direct.

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Some Related Publications

The Philanthropic Landscape
by Niki Jagpal and Kevin Laskowski
May 2013, November 2012
The Philanthropic Landscape in an annual examination of the latest available data to bring you analyses of four key grantmaking trends in U.S. philanthropy: giving that specifically benefit underserved communities, social justice philanthropy, core support and multi-year funding.

Seizing the Moment: Frank Advice for Community Organizers Who Want to Raise More Money

by Aaron Dorfman and Marjorie Fine
November 2009
Dorfman and Fine offer useful and pragmatic tips that can help community organizers dramatically increase funding from institutional grantmakers and major individual donors.

A Call to Action: Organizing to Increase the Effectiveness and Impact of Foundation Grantmaking

by Rick Cohen
March 2007
Many nonprofit organizations are constantly struggling to find enough resources to make their organizations more effective and sustainable. This report illustrates how the lack of core operating support is at the center of this struggle.

Axis of Ideology: Conservative Foundations and Public Policy

by Jeff Krehely, Meaghan House and Emily Kernan
March 2004
This report details the effective philanthropic strategies that 79 conservative foundations have used to support the activities of 350 public policy-oriented right-wing think tanks at the federal, state and local levels.

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