Endorsers of the Criteria...

There is a broad and growing support for NCRP's Criteria for Philanthropy at its Best ®. NCRP has circulated a summary of the Criteria over the past few months leading up to the release. The following individuals have signed on as endorsers. Leaders from many different sectors think these criteria are important, and that the world would be a better place if more institutional grantmakers lived up to the Criteria. The individuals listed have indicated they want to be listed as endorsers and that they are in substantial agreement with the Criteria. Organizations are listed for identification purposes only and should not be interpreted as signifying an institutional endorsement unless otherwise stated.

To join this growing list of philanthropic and nonprofit leaders, endorse Criteria for Philanthropy at Its Best!


Ted Ackley, Secretary, CarEth Foundation

Henry Allen, Executive Director, Discount Foundation

Harriet Barlow, Executive Director, HKH Foundation

Dave Beckwith, Executive Director, Needmor Fund

Lori Bezahler, President, Edward W. Hazen Foundation

Ashley Blanchard, Trustee, Hill-Snowdon Foundation

Cynthia Carey-Grant, Executive Director, Common Counsel Foundation

Sylvia Clark, Executive Director, NEC Foundation of America

Vic DeLuca, President, Jesse Smith Noyes Foundation

Diane Feeney, Director, French American Charitable Trust

Deborah Harrington, former President, Woods Fund of Chicago

Valerie Jacobs, Board Member, Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation

Sharon King, President, F.B. Heron Foundation

Larry Kressley, former Executive Director, Public Welfare Foundation

Gara LaMarche, President and CEO, The Atlantic Philanthropies

David Lawrence, President, Early Childhood Initiative Foundation

Jeff Malachowsky, Board Chair, Penney Family Fund

Maria Mottola, President, New York Foundation

Margaret O'Bryon, President and CEO, Consumer Health Foundation

Jane and Howard Oringer, Omnia Foundation

Larry Ottinger, Co-Chair, Ottinger Foundation

Luz Vega-Marquis, President and CEO, Marguerite E. Casey Foundation

Sherece Y. West, President and CEO, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Gayle Williams, Executive Director, Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

Nat Williams, Executive Director, Hill-Snowdon Foundation


Nancy Aleck, Executive Director, Hawaii People's Fund

Ivye L. Allen, President, Foundation for the Mid South

Vaughnetta J. Barton, Executive Director, Foundation for Early Learning

Charlie Bernstein, Executive Director, Maine Initiatives

Casey Cook, Executive Director, Bread and Roses Community Fund

William M. Dietel, President, Pierson-Lovelace Foundation (former Chairman, F. B. Heron Foundation)

Sara K. Gould, President and CEO, Ms. Foundation for Women

Colin Greer, President, New World Foundation

Debi M. Harris, Chief Executive Officer, Women's Fund of Miami-Dade

Trista Harris, Executive Director, Headwaters Foundation for Justice

Judy Hatcher, Executive Director, Environmental Support Center

Hugh Hogan, Executive Director, North Star Fund

Janine Lee, Executive Director, Southern Partners Fund

Michele Lord, Executive Director, Public Interest Projects

Pete Manzo, President and CEO, United Ways of California

Ron McKinley, Project Director, Kellogg Action Lab, Fieldstone Alliance

Nora Lester Murad, Executive Director, Dalia Association

Scott Nakagawa, Interim Executive Director, Social Justice Fund Northwest

Judy Patrick, President and CEO, Women's Foundation of California

Drummond Pike, Founder and CEO, Tides Foundation

Kavita Ramdas, President and CEO, Global Fund for Women

Lee Roper-Batker, President and CEO, Women's Foundation of Minnesota

Chet Tchozewski, President, Global Greengrants Fund

Board and Staff, The Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program at Shelter Rock

Sandra L. Vargas, President and CEO, Minneapolis Foundation

Kyung Yoon, Executive Director, Korean American Community Foundation


Christine Ahn, Senior Fellow, Korea Policy Institute

Barbara Arnwine, Executive Director, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Deepak Bhargava, Executive Director, Center for Community Change

Kim Bobo, Executive Director, Interfaith Worker Justice

John Bouman, President, Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

Bettye Brentley, Executive Director, Neighborhood Funders Group

John Calkins, Director, Direct Action and Research Training Center

Chris Cash, President, National Association of State Charity Officials

Charlie Clements, President and CEO, Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

Tim Delaney, President and CEO, National Council of Nonprofits

Jennifer Dillon, Department Director, Interfaith Worker Justice

Bob Edgar, President and CEO, Common Cause

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, Chief Executive Officer, Green for All

Angelo Falcón, President, National Institute for Latino Policy

Marjorie Fine, Director, Linchpin Campaign, Center for Community Change

Lois Gibbs, Executive Director, Center for Health, Environment and Justice

George Goehl, Executive Director, National People's Action

Ernie Gutierrez, former Acting President, Forum for Regional Associations of Grantmakers

Michael Leon Guerrero, Co-Director, Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

Wade Henderson, President and CEO, Leadership Conference on Civil Rights

Rufina Hernandez, Associate Director, National Education Association

Roger Hickey, Co-Director, Campaign for America's Future and Institute for America's Future

Matt Howe, Former Executive Director, National Alliance for Choice in Giving

Priscilla Hung, Executive Director, Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training

Rhoda Karpatkin, President Emeritus, Consumers Union

Steve Kest, Executive Director, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

Anu Kumar, Ph.D., MPH, Executive Vice President, Ipas

Frances Kunreuther, Project Director, Building Movement Project

Bertha Lewis, Chief Organizer, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

Greg B. Macabenta, National Chair, National Federation of Filipino American Associations

Dr. Stephanie McGencey, Executive Director, Grantmakers for Children, Youth & Families

Eileen Morrison, Director of Development and Operations, Southeast Asia Resource Action Center

Taij Moteellal, Board Member, Funding Exchange (former Executive Director, Resource Generation) 

Janet Murguia, President, National Council of La Raza

Kathy Partridge, Executive Director, Interfaith Funders

Joy Persall, Executive Director, Native Americans in Philanthropy

Mark Randazzo, Coordinator, Funders Network on Trade and Globalization

Miles Rapoport, President, Demos: A Network for Ideas and Action

Scott Reed, Executive Director, PICO National Network

Maya Rockeymoore, President and CEO, Global Policy Solutions, LLC

Russell Roybal, Deputy Executive Director of External Relations, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

Douglas Sauer, CSW, Board Chair, National Council of Nonprofits and CEO, Council of Community Services of New York State

William F. Schulz, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Sophia Silao, Associate Director, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

Michael Slater, Executive Director, Project Vote

Gary Snyder, Founder, Nonprofit Imperative

Rusty Stahl, Executive Director, Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

Catherine Tactaquin, Executive Director, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

John Taylor, President and CEO, National Community Reinvestment Coalition

Philip Tegeler, Executive Director, Poverty & Race Research Action Council

Stephanie White, Managing Director, National Center for Transgender Equality (DC)

Richard Williams, President, American Indian College Fund

Akaya Windwood, President and CEO, Rockwood Leadership Institute

Karen Zelermyer, Executive Director, Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues



Rev. John Aeschbury, Lead Organizer, Building Responsibility Equality and Dignity-BREAD (OH)

Andrea Alexander, Coordinator, Northwest Native Asset Building Coalition (WA)

Drew Astolfi, Organizer, Faith Action for Community Equity-FACE (HI)

Faith Bautista, President and CEO, Mabuhay Alliance (CA)

Joel Berg, Executive Director, New York City Coalition Against Hunger (NY)

Lorna Bourg, Executive Director, Southern Mutual Help Association (LA)

Marca Bristo, President and CEO, Access Living of Metro Chicago (IL)

Chris Brown, Director of Education Programs, Local Initiative Support Coalition-Chicago (IL)

Diana Bustamante, Executive Director, Colonias Development Council (NM)

Lily Cavanagh, Organizing Director, Casino-Free Philadelphia (PA)

George Cheung, Executive Director, Win Win Network (WA)

Merril Cousin, Executive Director, King County Coalition Against Domestic Violence (WA)

Michael Dale, Executive Director, Northwest Workers Justice Project (WA)

Sonia Diaz-Rangel, Associate Director, Southwest Youth Collaborative (IL)

Daniel Dodd-Ramirez, Executive Director, Step Up Savannah (GA)

Robert F. Edwards, Founder and Executive Director, Civic Formation, Inc. (NJ)

Rev. Ryan Eller, Lead Organizer, Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (NC)

Chris Estes, Executive Director, NC Housing Coalition (NC)

Michael Feinberg, Executive Director, Greater New York Labor-Religion Coalition (NY)

Patricia B. Fennell, President, Latino Community Development Agency (OK)

Ronald Garcia-Fogarty, Executive Director, El Vinculo Hispano, Hispanic Liaison of Chatham County (NC)

Cynthia Guyer, Executive Director, San Francisco Schools Alliance (CA)

Joshua Hoyt, Executive Director, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (IL)

David Jones, President and CEO, Community Service Society of New York (NY)

Sunny Kim, Co-Director, Seattle Young People’s Project (WA)

Matt Leber, Organizer, The Nashville Movement, A Coalition for Economic and Racial Justice (TN)

Daniella Levine, President and CEO, Human Services Coalition of Dade County (FL)

Virginia Lynch, Executive Director, Richmonders Involved in Strengthening our Communities-RISC (VA)

Sara Martinez de Osaba, Executive Director, Vermont Multicultural Alliance for Democracy (VT)

Jan Masaoka, Director and Editor-in-Chief, Blue Avocado (former Executive Director, CompassPoint Nonprofit Services) (CA)

Pam McMichael, Executive Director, Highlander Center (TN)

Nadia Moritz, Executive Director, Young Women's Project (DC)

Zachary Norris, Director, Books Not Bars, Ella Bakers Center for Human Rights (CA)

Terry Odendahl, President, New Mexico Association of Grantmakers (Incoming President, Global Greengrants Fund)

Fred Ordoñez, Executive Director, Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) (RI)

Barbara Otto, CEO, Health and Disability Advocates (IL)

Rev. Robert Owens, Lead Organizer, Citizens of Louisville Organized and United Together-CLOUT (KY)

Ian Palmquist, Executive Director, Equality NC

Dan Petegorsky, Executive Director, Western States Center (OR)

Jon Pratt, Executive Director, Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MN)

Angela Reyes, Executive Director, Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation (MI)

Kathi M. Riley-Jones, Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) (RI)

Max Rodas, Executive Director, Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center (OH)

Maria Rodriguez, Founding Director, Florida Immigrant Coalition (FL)

Robby Rodriguez, Director, Southwest Organizing Project (NM)

Tracy Rosenberg, Executive Director, Media Alliance (CA)

Kathleen Sanchez, Co-Director, Tewa Women United (NM)

Rev. Donna Schaper, Judson Memorial Church (NY)

Kristen Schwind, Program Director, Bay Localize (CA)

Ed Shurna, Executive Director, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless (IL)

Beverly Spears, Executive Director, Statewide Poverty Action Network (WA)

Lisa Stone, Executive Director, Legal Voice (WA)

Madeline Talbott, Lead Organizer, Action Now (IL)

Adoubou Traore, Project Director, African Advocacy Network/DSCS (CA)

Helen Vinton, Assistant Executive Director/Life Quality Director, Southern Mutual Help Association (LA)

Bill Watanabe, Executive Director, Little Tokyo Service Center (CA)

Melinda Wiggins, Executive Director, Student Action with Farmworkers (NC)

Jenny Wittner, Associate Director, Women Employed (IL)

Michael Woo, Executive Director, Got Green (WA)

Haeyoung Yoon, Executive Director, CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities (NY)



Marilyn Aguirre-Molina, Professor of Public Health, Lehman College, City University of New York

Salvatore Alaimo, Assistant Professor, Grand Valley State University, School of Public and Nonprofit Administration

Shay C. Bilchik, Director, Center for Juvenile Justice Reform, Georgetown University Public Policy Institute

Hodding Carter, University Professor of Leadership and Public Policy, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (former president and CEO of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation)

Richard Cook, Director, Social Work Community Outreach Service, University of Maryland Baltimore

Louis Delgado, Independent Consultant (former Graduate Program Director for the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Sector Program at Loyola University)

Michael Edwards, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Demos (former director of the Ford Foundation's Governance and Civil Society Program)

Pablo Eisenberg, Senior Fellow, Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, Georgetown Public Policy Institute

Diane Evia-Lanevi, Fundholder, Tomorrow Fund, Triangle Community Foundation

Elenore Garton, Senior Researcher, Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy, Brandeis University

Steve Goldin, President, Goldin Consulting Services

Jessica Gordon Nembhard, Associate Professor of Community Justice and Social Economic Development, John Jay College, City University of NY

Andrew Hahn, Director, Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy, Brandeis University

Adam Hurter, Media Coordinator, EFFICACY

Claudia Jacobs, Director of Capacity Building, Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy, Brandeis University

Kim Klein, author, consultant (founder of Grassroots Fundraising Journal)

Kathy Kretman, Director, Center for Public and Nonprofit Leadership, Georgetown Public Policy Institute

Paul Light, Paulette Goddard Professor of Public Service, New York University

Spence Limbocker, consultant (former executive director of the Neighborhood Funders Group)

Steven Mayer, Director, Effective Communities, LLC

Marcy Murninghan, INSPIRE Fellow, Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University

Susan Ostrander, Professor of Sociology, Tufts University

john a. powell, Executive Director, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Ohio State University

Gladys Santiago, CFRE, President, Unitivity, Inc.

Tom Shapiro, Pokross Professor of Law and Social Policy, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University

Edward Skloot, Director of the Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society, Duke University (former President and CEO, Surdna Foundation)

Paul Speer, Associate Professor of Human and Organizational Development, Vanderbilt University

Bill Spriggs, Chair, Economics Department, Howard University

Heidi Swarts, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University

Jon Van Til, Professor of Urban Studies and Community Planning, Rutgers University

Richard Wood, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of New Mexico

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