2015 Events Calendar

Dec. 15


National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

PIMBY: Philanthropy in My Back Yard

Place-based philanthropy. What does it mean to do it well, and what are the pitfalls? What kinds of collaborative partnerships are necessary to advance equity and empower the most marginalized? Inspired by NCRP’s newest Philamplify reports on the Kresge and Knight foundations, which unearthed similar themes, this webinar will explore place-based grantmaking from a grantee perspective. Project Associate Caitlin Duffy will lead a conversation with nonprofit leaders on the ground, a national expert in place-based funding, and you of course! Together we’ll ask: how should foundations investing in our communities behave to ensure that all of us thrive? Sign up for this FREE webinar here.

Dec. 7-8

Washington, D.C.

Funders Concerned About Aids

2015 AIDS Philanthropy Summit

Director of Foundation Assessment Lisa Ranghelli will represent NCRP at this annual summit designed to strengthen efforts to end HIV/AIDS. Lisa will join funders and advocates working toward this goal in the sectors of health, human rights, and social justice.

Nov. 19

Washington, D.C.

Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers

2015 Annual Meeting: Philanthropy All In

Executive Director Aaron Dorfman and Development Director Kevin Faria will join other philanthropic leaders in discussing how the sector can address racism in the Washington area.

Nov. 12-13
Rockville, MD

Maryland Nonprofits

Annual Conference: Connecting for Impact -- Justice for All

Field Director Jeanné Isler will attend the pre-conference session, “Campaigns for Small Nonprofits - Strategies for Success,” which will explore the key components of planning for a fundraising campaign, including assessing an organization’s readiness for fundraising, developing a compelling “test case” for support, and the confidential and critical study interviews that bridge the gap between what we think will resonate with what our current and prospective supporters really want.

Nov. 12

Philadelphia, PA

National Center for Family Philanthropy

"Families Funding Change: How Social Justice Giving Honors Our Roots and Strengthens Communities"

This webinar, presented in partnership with the National Center for Family Philanthropy, will explore strategies family foundations can take to engage more deeply in grantmaking that builds toward long-term social change. The webinar will draw from case studies highlighted in NCRP’s new Families Funding Change report, as well as the real life experiences of family members and trustees who have made the transition toward social justice giving. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of how social justice can be a unifying framework for giving – whatever a family’s ideological diversity. If you are a family foundation staff or trustee, click here to RSVP!

Nov. 12

Philadelphia, PA

Philanthropy Network

"Sparking Solutions 2015: Learning and Leading Together in a Diverse Landscape"

Field Associate Janay Richmond will represent NCRP at this annual conference for regional funders, nonprofit and civic leaders to make important connections, learn about the latest issues and trends in our work, and forge pathways to collective action that spark solutions on key issues in our region.

Nov. 11-13

Asheville, N.C.

Southeastern Council of Foundations

Annual Meeting

Field Associate Ben Barge will represent NCRP at this annual conference of Southeastern stakeholders. The three-day summit will offer opportunities for grantmakers and change agents to build knowledge, strengthen relationships and fortify efforts for long-term equity.

Nov. 10


Council on Foundations

"Taking a Stand: A Growing Trend for Foundation Leaders?"

In this webinar, Executive Director Aaron Dorfman will share ways that foundation CEOs can speak up about controversial, critical issues in their communities, from education and health to police brutality. Aaron will be joined by Dr. Bob Ross, CEO of the California Endowment; Sherece West-Scantlebury, President and CEO of the Winthrop-Rockefeller Foundation; and Starsky Wilson, President CEO of the Deaconess Foundation. Come hear from seasoned philanthropic leaders and learn more about the opportunities and challenges of this approach.

Nov. 9
New York, NY

Philanthropy New York

How Does Implicit Bias Influence Philanthropic Effectiveness?

Field Director Jeanné Isler will join john a. powell, Director, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society and Professor of Law, African American, and Ethnic Studies at University of California, Berkeley, to lead an interactive session exploring the definitions of implicit bias, how it affects all of us as individuals, and how it impacts the decisions and trends in our philanthropic institutions.

NCRP foundation members and Philanthropy's Promise signatories who are not members of Philanthropy New York are eligible for a discount. Register as a Guest of Organizer by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, title, organizational affiliation, business mailing address and phone number. Indicate that NCRP is the organizer that referred you.

Oct. 27-29

Los Angeles, CA


Equity Summit 2015

Both NCRP Field Director Jeanné Isler and Field Associate Janay Richmond will represent NCRP at this three-day convergence in Los Angeles, CA. The Equity Summit will be a place for skill development for advocates, leaders and other stakeholders in the fight for a more equitable society and will also serve as an opportunity for attendees to develop plans to bring about long and short term equity goals from local governments to the executive office. Field Associate Janay Richmond will also be attending this event as a part of the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy’s (EPIP) People of Color Network Delegation, a network set in place to develop young, talented people of color working in the philanthropic sector.

Oct. 22


National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Nonprofit Members-Only Orientation

Is your nonprofit a new NCRP member eager to make the most of its benefits? Or a long-time member curious about the buzz around NCRP’s new offerings? No matter how long you’ve been a member, this special nonprofit members-only orientation webinar is designed just for you! Get to know NCRP staff personally, learn what it means to be part of the NCRP network, and hear how NCRP is working for you. We’ll explore NCRP’s latest line up of benefits, as well as ways member nonprofits can lift their strategic voice in the philanthropic sector. We’ll also share NCRP’s new plans for building community amongst nonprofit members while strengthening the movement for a more responsive philanthropic sector. The last portion will be reserved for Q&A. 

Oct. 14

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

“Managing Discomfort: Tough Conversations about Identity to Strengthen Your Work”

NCRP Field Director Jeanné Isler will present alongside fellow nonprofit leaders Althea Gonzalez and Nicola Chin in an online webinar exploring the relationship between identity and social justice in the workplace, and how internal workplace dynamics around power and identity impact an organization’s capacity to work externally for change. The workshop will analyze how identities of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation and (dis)ability factor into philanthropic work on the personal, organizational and systemic levels. Participants will leave the session with a better understanding of the realities of engaging across lines of difference and how to influence their institution’s work for systemic change. Viewers can RSVP here for the webinar, which will take place from 3-4 PM EST.

Oct. 6-8

Portland, OR

Alliance for Nonprofit Management

2015 National Conference

Field Associate Janay Richmond will join nonprofit leaders, capacity builders, grantmakers and academics at this year’s Alliance for Nonprofit Management’s national conference. This annual event has served as a catalyst to ignite and accelerate impact while helping nonprofits bring about social change.

Oct. 6

Chicago, IL

Donors Forum Chicago

Real Cost Strategic Initiative Meeting

Field Director Jeanné Isler will meet with other philanthropic leaders focused on ensuring nonprofits better articulate -- and foundations cover -- the real administrative costs that nonprofits incur. The group will discuss best practices and lessons learned from related efforts and explore collaboration opportunities.

Oct. 5-7
Washington, D.C.

Funders Committee for Civic Participation

FCCP 2015 Fall Convening

Senior Fellow Dan Petegorsky will join Nina Sporer, manager of strategic philanthropy at Foundation Center, in leading the Get out the Data: A More Data-Driven Approach to Funding breakfast at this year’s Funders Committee for Civic Participation Conference in Washington, D.C. The session will show attendees how to use the Foundation Center’s newly re-launched Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy mapping tool, which visualizes how foundations are supporting U.S. democracy, and how funding is trickling down to the state level. Participants will walk away with an understanding of the kinds of questions this tool can answer, how it can inform and benefit their work and what they can do to help make it even more useful for the field.

Oct. 5-7
Chandler, AZ

Exponent Philanthropy

CONNECT Conference

Project Associate Caitlin Duffy will attend Exponent Philanthropy’s annual CONNECT conference as a Next Gen Fellow. The conference will explore philanthropy fundamentals and impact strategies for small-staffed foundations, as well as opportunities for younger voices to take on greater leadership in the sector.

Oct. 2-4
Arlington, VA

Community Investment Network

2015 Conference: The Power of Our Philanthropy

Field Director Jeanné Isler will speak on a panel titled “What’s Faith and Philanthropy got to do with Justice?” with Edward Jones, director of programs at ABFE. She will speak about the value of embracing faith and justice, drawing from her work in both fields. The conference will explore the diverse ways communities of color make a difference in our communities and continue to make a major impact.

Sept. 29
Washington, D.C.

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Philamplify Debate: Reform Strategies for Education

NCRP Board President Dr. Sherece West-Scantlebury moderated NCRP’s first livestreamed debate. Inspired by NCRP’s recent Philamplify assessment of the Walton Family Foundation, the program asked: “Can market-oriented reform strategies advance equity and empowerment in education?” Brandon Johnson from the Chicago Teachers Union and Robert Pondiscio from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute debated the question, followed by robust discussion from a panel of philanthropic leaders. The event was held at the Pew Charitable Trust from 3-4:30 PM and livestreamed nationally.

Watch a recording of the webstream here.

Aug. 26
Dallas, TX

Texas Education Grantmakers Advocacy Consortium (TEGAC)

Community Foundation Meeting

TEGAC helps education grantmaking organizations in Texas incorporate advocacy in their strategies. Field Director Jeanné Isler will meet with a group of Texas community foundations related to the consortium to discuss best practices for engaging in policy and advocacy work, and the unique ways in which community foundations can employ such strategies.

July 24
St. Louis, MO

Gateway Center for Giving

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Funder Affinity Group Meeting

Field Director Jeanné Isler will share information about the special implicit bias issue of Responsive Philanthropy with board members and member foundations of the Gateway Center for Giving in St. Louis. Participants will explore the various ways that unconscious bias affects our philanthropy, and best practices for overcoming bias in grantmaking.

July 24
St. Louis, MO

Deaconess Foundation

Policy Advisory Committee Retreat

The Policy Advisory Board to the Deaconess Foundation will meet for a 2-day retreat about the roles and opportunities for foundations engaging in policy. Field Director Jeanné Isler will share information about NCRP’s research on the topic, and timely opportunities to engage.

July 24-26

Movement for Black Lives

National Convening

Field Associate Janay Richmond will join Black freedom fighters from all corners of the country as they work together to shape this national movement at the first-ever Movement for Black Lives Convening. The weekend of events is set to be a time for healing, strategizing and community building as participants engage in conversations around the history of Black lives in this country and ways to move the Black community forward.

July 21-23
Baltimore, MD

Forum of the Regional Association of Grantmakers
Fourum Network Annual Conference

Field Director Jeanné Isler will attend the Forum Network’s annual conference with regional association leaders from around the country. The conference will explore timely topics around how philanthropy can best support the communities it serves, and share resources for regional associations. Jeanné will contribute to a discussion about how the Forum and other Philanthropic Affinity Groups can best support the field.

Register now.

June 29
1:30-3PM EST

Neighboorhood Funders Group

Hosted by Neighborhood Funders Group, Common Counsel, Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, Funders Committee for Civic Participation and the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy.

Weathering the Storm--Webinar for Funders

In the past few years, many funders have witnessed large scale campaigns to discredit or even shut down grantee organizations. Although we hope our grantees and field partners are not vulnerable to these kinds of attacks, in fact organizations must confront them more and more. The good news is that organizations can prepare themselves and even fight back.

To help them do just that, RoadMap Consulting designed Weathering the Storm, a training series, toolkit and ongoing consulting support program for organizations. Read their new report on the first three years of Weathering the Storm, and learn about how your grantees can prepare for and address these types of attacks: 1) allegations of partisan political activity, 2) public relations attacks, 3) infiltration, surveillance and entrapment, 4) digital intrusions, 5) harassment and violence, 6) intimidation lawsuits, 7) pressure on funders, 8) risks from disgruntled employees.

Join this webinar to hear directly from grassroots organizations and fellow grantmakers about the strategies and tools they gained from RoadMap's Weathering the Storm training series and toolkit and how they addressed the challenges they faced.

RSVP Today

June 26
Philadelphia, PA

US Social Forum
Social Justic Convergence

In this workshop session, Not Our Enemy: How to Engage with Philanthropy to Fund the Movement, Field Associate Janay Richmond will share the work of great foundations that fund advocacy and social justice work. She'll also discuss the self-interests of foundations, and how nonprofits have been, and can continue to be, successful at meeting their own needs along with the needs of funders.

Register Here

June 22
Troy, MI

Kresge Foundation
Program Officer Meeting

Field Director Jeanné Isler will lead a discussion with Kresge Foundation’s program officers about NCRP’s Smashing Silos report, Cultivating Nonprofit Leadership: A (Missed?) Philanthropic Opportunity, which explores how investing in leadership development leads to a greater impact on social change. She will engage the participants in considering how they might contribute more to this strategy.

June 17-20
Washington, DC

The Summit: World Change Through Faith and Justice

The Summit is an annual gathering of hundreds of leaders committed to finding social justice solutions to our communities’ most pressing issues. Field Director Jeanné Isler will facilitate a discussion with philanthropic leaders at this event to discuss strategy around funding social justice movements.


June 12
New York, NY

Neighborhood Funders Group
Funders for Justice Meeting

Field Director Jeanné Isler will participate in a meeting to explore the scope of philanthropic support for organizing to promote police accountability and racial justice and strategic opportunities to partner with groups on the ground. She will join foundation leaders and other leaders in philanthropy for this important discussion and strategy session.


June 11
Milwaukee, WI

Donors Forum of Wisconsin
Family Symposium

Senior Director of Research and Policy Niki Jagpal will offer a presentation to family foundation leaders in Wisconsin about the Ethics Criterion of Philanthropy at Its Best. She will share examples of how family foundations are using NCRP’s recommendations in their work to increase impact and be more responsive to the communities they serve.

June 9
Washington, DC

National Collaborative For Health Equity
The State of African-American Families

As a reflection on the 50th anniversary of President Johnson’s Commencement Speech at Howard University on the state of African American Families, the National Collaborative for Health Equity and Howard University will host a forum on the topic. Field Director Jeanné Isler will be a panelist discussing the range of philanthropic initiatives that galvanize social and policy change to combat racism against Black men and boys, and how implicit bias plays a role in targeting this group.

Register now.

May 19-21

Center for Effective Philanthropy
Biennial Conference: Leading Effective Organizations

Executive Director Aaron Dorfman will attend this conference with foundation leaders from across the country. He will give a presentation on how to approach evaluating overall foundation effectiveness. He will be joined by Jara Dean-Coffey, principal and founder of jdcPartnerships, Brian Quinn, assistant vice president of research-evaluation-learning at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Amber Bradley, director of assessment tools at The Center for Effective Philanthropy.

Register now (limited slots available).

May 19
San Francisco, CA

NCRP Impact Awards
Center for Effective Philanthropy Biennial Conference

During a reception with NCRP member organizations, staff, board and other philanthropic leaders, NCRP will honor five foundations that exemplify high impact philanthropy. These foundations support organizations that promote systems change and empower underserved communities, are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion, and demonstrate leadership around these practices.

May 12-14
New Orleans, LA

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy
2015 National Conference

Research & Policy Associate Ryan Schlegel will represent NCRP and join young philanthropic professionals at Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy’s conference for developing leaders for social change. The conference will focus on how emerging leaders can be change agents with a mind toward their communities.

May 5-7
Asheville, NC

W.K. Kellogg Foundation
America Healing Conference

Field Director Jeanné Isler will join W.K. Kellogg Foundation partners and allies from across the country to discuss strategies to combat systemic injustice and engage in collective racial healing. She will lead an Open Space session about implicit bias in philanthropy during the conference.

May 4-6
Shakopee, MN

Native Americans in Philanthropy
2015 Native Philanthropy Institute

Executive Director Aaron Dorfman will speak at Native Americans in Philanthropy’s annual meeting about how Philamplify is providing feedback to hold philanthropy to higher standards of transparency and accountability. Foundation leaders in attendance will have the opportunity to discuss what practices they hope to see become the norm in philanthropy and how to go about making those changes.

Apr. 30
Des Moines, IA

Iowa Council on Foundations

NCRP Field Director Jeanné Isler will be the featured guest speaker at the Iowa Council on Foundation’s annual meeting. She will discuss findings from the first five Philamplify assessments, plus what NCRP has learned about the challenges and opportunities that foundations and their grantees face around sharing honest feedback with one another. The session will engage members of the Iowa Council of Foundations in reflecting on their own experiences with grantee feedback and provide exercises to help members practice initiating these difficult conversations with one another and with grantees.

Apr. 26-28
San Francisco, CA

Council on Foundations

Executive Director Aaron Dorfman, Senior Director of Research & Policy Niki Jagpal and Field Director Jeanné Isler will attend this national convening of foundation leaders. Both Aaron and Niki will be presenting at the conference. Daniel Lee, Executive Director of the Levi Strauss Foundation and NCRP board member, will join Niki in a PechaKucha presentation about multi-issue advocacy and cultivating nonprofit leadership. Aaron will present with Dr. Bob Ross, president & CEO of the California Endowment, Sherece West-Scantlebury, president & CEO of the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, and Rev. Starsky Wilson, president & CEO of the Deaconess Foundation about foundation leaders going beyond being neutral conveners, and instead taking stances on important issues. He will also be on a panel about investing in community leaders as a means of achieving policy change, moderated by Jen Rice, Director of Community Strategies at the Humboldt Area Foundation.

Apr. 25
San Francisco, CA

Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy
Celebrating 25 Years

Executive Director Aaron Dorfman and Field Director Jeanné Isler will join AAPIP as marks 25 years of impactful work in philanthropy. They will celebrate executive director Peggy Saika’s receipt of the Banyan Tree Award to honor her thirteen years of service with AAPIP.

Apr. 23-25
Napa, CA

Association of Black Foundation Executives

Field Director Jeanné Isler will join leaders in philanthropy from across the country at this annual convening. Participants in the conference will take a close look at how philanthropic strategies can support community organizing and build leadership and power, especially in light of current events in Ferguson, MO.

Apr. 22
Oakland, CA

Executives' Alliance to Expand Opportunities for Boys and Men of Color

Executive Director Aaron Dorfman will come together with allies and representatives from the 38 foundations that have committed to supporting boys and men of color at this convening. The conversation will review the priority outcomes set by the alliance last year and explore opportunities for place- based funding and police reform.

Mar. 30-31
New York, NY

Talent Philanthropy Project
Advisory Council Meeting

As a member of the advisory council for the Talent Philanthropy Project, Field Director Jeanné Isler will attend the council’s first meeting. The group will discuss goals and outcomes for the project, and develop plans to better equip philanthropy to invest in the future of nonprofit leaders and their performance.

Mar. 23
12:30-1:30PM EST

Cultivating Leadership in Movement Building

Tune in with NCRP as we spark a conversation about how leadership development opportunities lead to unexpected relationships and create cross-sector collaboration. These relationships have the potential to disrupt the status quo and create transformative progressive change in our society, yet they are woefully underfunded by philanthropy.

Use the #ncrpchat and #cultivatenonprofitleaders hashtags on Twitter to engage with the panelists and other attendees, including @TWI_2022, @MSConthemove, @STPtweeting and @ncrp.

Featured Speakers:

  • Pia Infante, Co-Executive Director, Whitman Institute
  • Taj James, Executive Director, Movement Strategy Center
  • Jodie Tonita, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Social Transformation Project
  • Ryan Schlegel, Research and Policy Associate, NCRP (moderator)
Webinar Materials:
Mar. 16-18
National Harbor, MD

Grant Managers Network
10th Anniversary Conference

Field Director Jeanné Isler will represent NCRP at this convening of national grant managers and foundation professionals. Alongside Jennifer Lockwood-Shabat, president and CEO of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation and Janece Kleban, Vice President, Developmet for Goodwill of Greater Washington, she will give a presentation on NCRP’s The Philanthropic Landscape. These four fact sheets explain the state of our sector’s work on general operating support, multi-year support, support for marginalized communities and support for social justice strategies.

Mar. 5
3:00PM EST

Moving Policy with Philanthropy: Funding Activism in the Immigrant Rights Movement

Join NCRP in bringing together progressive foundations and nonprofits to discuss how they have been able to move a policy agenda based on immigrant rights on the state and national levels. We will discuss how past work brought about President Obama’s Executive Order and how foundations and nonprofits can continue the momentum for additional policy wins.

Use the #ncrpchat and #immigrationreform hashtags on Twitter to engage with the panelists and other attendees, including @communitychange, @haasjrfund, @carnegiecorp and @ncrp.

Featured Speakers:

Webinar Materials:
Feb. 25

Arizona Grantmakers Forum
OneAZ Local Funders Dinner and Program

Together with our partners the Arizona Grantmakers Forum, Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation and Neighborhood Funders Group, NCRP Senior Fellow Dan Petegorsky will help lead a gathering to further cultivate relationships between local and national funders, and to strengthen the work of civic engagement in Arizona. The partners will host a dinner for a small group of local funders interested in funding OneAZ and other civic engagement organizing, and a small group of national funders that support OneAZ and are interested in working with local funding partners.

Feb. 25

Arizona Grantmakers Forum
Funder Conversation and Learning on Civic Participation in Arizona

Leaders from Arizona Grantmakers Forum, Neighborhood Funders Group, Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation and NCRP Senior Fellow Dan Petegorsky will lead a gathering to further cultivate relationships between local and national funders, and to strengthen the work of civic engagement in Arizona. The partners will host a brown bag lunch and training session with local and national funders on approaches to local civic engagement funding, offering best practices, both locally and at the national level. Training will be that of the FCCP and NCRP curriculum, which is launching in early 2015, and will be tailored to Arizona grantmakers to build upon the work in this area that Arizona Grantmakers Forum has done thus far

Jan. 30-31
Washington, DC

SOME: So Others May Eat
Annual Convening

Field Assistant Lia Weintraub will give a presentation on “Tough Conversations That Strengthen Funder Nonprofit Partnerships.” This interactive event will focus on the tough conversations that nonprofits should have with funders in order to strengthen their partnerships and overcome barriers that can hurt partnerships. She will draw on NCRP’s research and experiences with nonprofits and foundations from across the country, including NCRP’s Criteria for Philanthropy at Its Best.


Jan. 30-31
Washington, DC

SOME: So Others May Eat
Annual Convening

Research and Policy Assistant Ryan Schlegel will give a presentation on the topic of “How CanNonprofits Get More Funding for Social Change?” He will draw from content in NCRP The Philanthropic Landscape Fact Sheets and NCRP’s “Seizing the Moment” white paper.


Jan. 29-30
Orlando, FL

Florida Philanthropic Network
2015 Statewide Summit on Philanthropy

NCRP's Executive Director Aaron Dorfman and Senior Field Associate Christine Reeves will join Florida's grantmakers. Mr. Dorfman will give a plenary talk, "Civil Discourse? Progressive vs. Conservative Philanthropy." Ms. Reeves will help lead a conversation for the pre-conference dinner on emerging leadership in philanthropy.

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Jan. 28
1:00PM EST

Tools for Social Change: The National Equity Atlas

During this webinar, our speakers will take you on a tour of the Atlas and reveal how foundations can employ equity data and policy strategies to foster inclusive growth. Learn how to share this tool with your grantees to strengthen their work and advance your own equity agenda. Exchange ideas with the speakers about how data on changing demographics can advance the conversations and boost strategies needed to build an equitable economy.

Use the #ncrpchat and #equityatlas hashtags on Twitter to engage with the panelists and other attendees, including @PERE_USC @policylink and @NCRP

Featured Speakers:

  • Niki Jagpal,Research and Policy Director, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (moderator)
  • Tarza Mitchell, Public Policy Analyst, NC Budget and Tax Center of the NC Justice Center
  • Justin Scroggins, Data Manager, USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity
  • Nonet T. Sykes, Senior Associate, Race Equity and Inclusion Talent & Leadership Development, The Annie E. Casey Foundation
  • Sarah Treuhaft, Deputy Director, PolicyLink
Webinar Materials:


Jan. 15
2:30PM EST

Fueling the Movement: How Foundations can Support the Fight for Racial Equity

Join NCRP and our esteemed panelists as we explore what foundations can do in response to recent events in Ferguson, New York City and across the country. Hear from grassroots organizers who have been on the ground in the movement about what type of support they need to be successful. Learn funding strategies for supporting the leadership organizations in the movement. And discuss how your foundation can be involved beyond giving grants.

Use the #ncrpchat #ferguson #blacklivesmatter hashtags on Twitter to engage with the panelists and other attendees:@aliciagarza @tymcharris @ZachWNorris @ReverendStarsky.

Featured Speakers:

  • Alicia Garza, Special Projects Director, National Domestic Workers Alliance and Creator, #blacklivesmatter
  • Tynesha Mcharris, Director of Community Leadership, Brooklyn Community Foundation
  • Zachary Norris, Executive Director, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
  • Rev. Starsky Wilson, President & CEO, Deaconess Foundation and Co-Chair of the Ferguson Commission
  • Aaron Dorfman, Executive Director, NCRP (moderator)

Webinar Materials:

Jan. 9
3:00PM EST

EPIP/NCRP Webinar Supersized Imbalance: Post-2014 Election, What Foundations Should Know

Philanthropy cannot work in a silo or vacuum; philanthropy and the communities it serves are influenced by policy and elections. At the start of 2015, state legislatures will be in full swing with plenty of interesting policy issues on the table. Join us as experts demonstrate effective tools for understanding 4 contemporary policy issues. Plus, we will hear from a foundation that is using data-centric tools to bolster their agenda.

Free for EPIP & NCRP Members, $10 for Nonmembers

Featured Speakers:

  • Christine Reeves, Senior Field Associate, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy & Board Member, EPIP (Moderator)
  • Edwin Bender, Executive Director, National Institute of Money in State Politics
  • Bert Brandenberg, Executive Director, Justice at Stake
  • Tara Malloy, Senior Counsel, Campaign Legal Center
  • Daniel Stid, Director of the Madison Initative, William & Flora Hewlett Foundation



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