2016 Events Calender

June 23
Washington, D.C.

Sojourners Summit

Faith, Justice and Philanthropy

While philanthropy, which literally means "love of mankind," generally includes some foundation on values around helping others, formal conversations about faith are rare in institutional foundation circles. NCRP Field Director Jeanné Isler and Edward Jones, Director of Programs for ABFE, will lead participants in more deeply exploring these dynamics and considering how to shift the way we do our work to better take advantage of the power of faith in achieving social justice  as a strategy for grantees and as a practice for funders.

June 21

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy and Funders for LGBTQ Issues

How TRANSformational Is Your Work?

Have you wondered how to best support transgender communities? Do you have questions you want to ask, but haven’t known where to turn? This webinar is designed for you. Transgender people’s lives intersect with every issue – on education, health, poverty, civil rights and beyond, transgender leaders have long fought for innovative solutions across the country. Yet few grant dollars support their efforts, to everyone’s detriment. In this interactive webinar, you’ll learn about more about transgender communities, their needs and how to better support diverse trans leaders on the frontlines of change.

Join NCRP and Funders for LGBTQ Issues for a conversation with Rye Young, Executive Director of Third Wave Fund; Kris Hayashi, Executive Director of Transgender Law Center; Nakisha Lewis, Senior Strategist for Safety at Ms. Foundation for Women; and Ryan Li Dahlstrom, consultant with Funders for LGBTQ Issues’ Trans Funding Working Group. RSVP here.

June 16
Philadelphia, PA

Association of Philanthropic Council

How you can lead foundations to "Philanthropy At Its Best"

What are the practices that make philanthropy the most effective, transparent and accountable to the people that our sector serves? In 2009, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy published Philanthropy At Its Best, outlining 10 measurable benchmarks that research has shown to have the most impact. Jeanné Isler, field director, will discuss the benchmarks, and the four values that summarize them. She will share examples of foundations who are striving to meet and maintain some of those benchmarks and how other foundations can follow suit. Finally, she will talk about NCRP’s larger body of work and how nonprofit organizations can engage differently with their funders, encouraging them to learn from these best practices, and strive for relationships of greater mutual respect and accountability.

June 13
New York, NY



Innovations 2016, A GrantStation Forum on Philanthropy

The Innovations 2016 Forum will explore how to bring bold approaches to grantmaking. Field Associate Janay Richmond will be sitting on a panel titled “Listening to Grantees” to address how to bring more transparency, empathy and depth to the grantmaking relationship. The panel will discuss how the traditional relationship between funders and grantees, in which grantees hold a more subordinate role, is changing. 

May 26
San Diego, CA

Native Americans in Philanthropy

Lost Stories – Finding the data to tell Native narratives

Philanthropy values data, but too often Native and Indigenous communities are left out, viewed as “negligible” or “insignificant” to the overall picture. Despite this, data can be a powerful tool to share the reality of the challenges and assets of Native Communities. In this colloquium, NCRP field director Jeanné Isler will facilitate a discussion between two researchers from the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) and Social Impact and Innovation group (SIIG) about increasing the availability of philanthropic data. The discussion will reveal information about sources of data specifically about Native communities that currently exist and why more sources are important. Session participants will then participate in an interactive exercise brainstorming the types of data that would support the narratives they would like to see shared about their communities.

May 23-25
St. Paul, MN

Funders' Committee for Civic Participation

Annual Convening

Senior Director of Research and Policy Niki Jagpal will represent NCRP at the annual convening.Gathering on the precipice of the 2016 national elections, the FCCP community will discuss and debate the elements required to build real change in the states – change that will lead to an effective, inclusive and accountable democracy. Topics will include the best new thinking about how to turn back the tide of money in elections, protect and expand access to the franchise for all, and empower traditionally disadvantaged communities.

May 23
St. Paul, MN

Minnesota Council on Foundations

Civic Engagement Matters

Just prior to the FCCP annual convening, Senior Director of Research and Policy Niki Jagpal will join with FCCP in presenting Civic Engagement Matters, a special workshop for funders hosted by the Minnesota Council on Foundations. Featuring Minneapolis Foundation and The James Irvine Foundation, participants will:

  • Learn what civic engagement is, why it’s an important tool for winning on your issues and how other grantmakers are funding this work;
  • Assess foundations’ readiness to start supporting civic engagement work and identify next steps; and
  • Access resources geared to help talk about this within institutions.
May 19
New York, NY

Grantmakers for Girls of Color Initiative

Understanding & Resourcing the Movement for Black Girls

The Grantmakers for Girls of Color Convening Planning Committee, supported by NoVo Foundation, is hosting its first to begin an exploration of the challenges facing girls and young women of color and to create a plan to drive long-term systemic change. NCRP Field Director Jeanné Isler serves on the committee will moderate one of the sessions exploring the state of black girls in the United States. The convening is designed as a first step toward a new dialogue and movement among funders to chart what’s needed, create opportunities for collaboration, and articulate a shared vision to shift the philanthropic sector.


May 10
Memphis, TN

Alliance for Nonprofit Excellence

Courageous Conversations with Funders

Community members, nonprofit leaders, and even grantmakers are often reluctant to provide unvarnished, constructive feedback to specific foundations. Yet without honest feedback, funders miss out on the most effective ways to support innovative work nonprofits do every day. Project Associate Caitlin Duffy will share research from Philamplify, NCRP’s foundation assessment initiative, and facilitate a peer discussion on how nonprofits can have bold conversations with funders and offer honest feedback. Her session will include lessons from nonprofit leaders and stories of foundations that are not only funding innovation in the nonprofit sector, but are doing innovative work themselves.

May 5
St. Paul, MN

Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

Reversing the Current of Underinvestment in Rural Communities

Leaders both in and outside philanthropy have recognized that rural communities receive much less philanthropic support than urban communities. Aaron Dorfman, executive director of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), will share research from NCRP’s body of work that highlights the extent of this gap and offers solutions to encourage more equitable grantmaking practices. His keynote address will include stories of foundations who are acting against the trend of underinvestment in rural communities and how rural organizations can advocate for their needs to funders.

Apr. 20

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Faithful Movements: The Role of Faith in Social Justice

Faith has long been a guiding light for people to question the world around them, envision a brighter future, and weather the often long paths to justice. That inspiration and resolve continues to sustain incredible leaders today. Join us for a conversation with three of those leaders: Lauren Spokane, Fund Development Coordinator at PICO National Network; Abby Levine, Director at the Jewish Social Justice Roundtable; and Shireen Zaman, Program Director of the Security & Rights Collaborative at the Proteus Fund. The discussion will be moderated by Jeanné Isler, a former faith-based community organizer who now serves as Field Director at the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. Together we’ll explore: At a time when our country is seeing bolder displays of fear and prejudice, what role can faith-based movements play in creating opportunities for social justice? Watch a recording of the webinar and view the presentation slides!


Apr. 18-20
Minneapolis, MN

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

The Strong & Effective Sector Funding Initiative Convening

NCRP has been invited to a gathering with our peer grantees of the WK Kellogg Foundation’s Strong and Effective Sector portfolio. Each year this meeting offers opportunities to share learning and resources with similar organizations in philanthropy. Development Director Kevin Faria and Field Director Jeanné Isler will represent NCRP at the event.


Apr. 12-14

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Fundraising Trifecta: A Mini-Series

Do you ever find yourself asking: What are the real costs to keep my doors open? Why won’t that funder return my call? How can I take my grassroots donors to the next level? Then join us for a fundraising mini-series, just for nonprofit members: Each webinar is just 30 minutes, jam-packed with useful tips at the start and left open for you to ask questions. Think of them as quick lunch breaks (or mid-morning snacks, if you’re on the west coast), with friends who just happen to be fundraising experts. And they’re free!


Apr. 9
Baltimore, MD


Smashing Silos: How Funding Multi-Issue Work Can Foster Black Leadership

In this interactive session, field director Jeanné Isler will share findings from two helpful cross-cutting reports that focus on achieving policy victories through multi-issue advocacy work and learn specific ways—including a prioritization on leadership development and retention—that foundations can invest in Smashing Silos to achieve policy wins. This workshop will include interactive activities that explore specific scenarios of how foundations can smash some of the biggest silos by supporting multi-issue advocacy and leadership development of their staff and Black communities.  


Apr. 9
Baltimore, MD


Freedom Funders: Lessons from 4 Foundations that Helped Move Civil RIghts Legislation

Niki Jagpal, Sr. Director of Research and Policy, will offer a lecture about how 4 history-making “Freedom Funders” leveraged their unique roles in the social sector to support the passing of Civil Rights legislation and how to apply lessons from their work to modern movements.  We will determine what is needed for more foundations to engage in these strategies of systemic change and policy work, and discuss how foundations can apply those lessons societal problems of today. 


Apr. 4
Los Angeles, CA

Southern California Grantmakers

Public Policy Conference 2016

Kevin Faria, Development Director, attended to learn how philanthropy can leverage and spur public investments, identify opportunities for policy change, and better coordinate how philanthropy and government work together to address complex community challenges.


Apr. 1
Chester, CT

Resource Generation

People's History of Philanthropy Plenary

Field Associate Janay Richmond and Research Associate Ryan Schlegel led a plenary session titled Reversing the Current of Underinvestment in Rural Communities at Resource Generation’s annual retreat. Historically, philanthropy in the U.S. is filled with inspiring examples of empowerment and positive social change, but there are also many missed opportunities for philanthropists to support the self-determination of marginalized communities rather than merely reinforce the injustice the sector seeks to eliminate. This plenary will use the broad arc of U.S. philanthropy’s history to lift up examples, lessons and challenges for today’s philanthropists to effect positive change. At the end, we’ll explore together the importance and versatility of social justice grantmaking and how to address the issues we care about most.

Mar. 23-24

Grantmakers for Southern Progress

Blackbelt Regional Learning Tour

Research Associate Ryan Schlegel and Field Associate Ben Barge attended a two-day, in depth tour to learn more about the Selma Blackbelt region of Alabama. Organized by Grantmakers for Southern Progress and the Blackbelt Community Foundation, the tour centered on the intersection of environmental justice, arts and culture, social inclusion and economic opportunity with a variety of nonprofits and community activists. They were joined by representatives from several regional and national grantmakers, including the Surdna Foundation, the Educational Foundation of America, the Kresge Foundation, and the Southeastern Council on Foundations.


Mar. 21
Washington, D.C.

National Coalition on Health Care

"The Escalating Costs of Health Coverage: Causes, Impacts, and Options"

Research and Policy Associate Ryan Schlegel attended a forum hosted by the National Coalition on Health Care to discuss the rapidly escalating costs of health care for the insured and underinsured in a post-ACA landscape. Experts on insurance policy and health care economics will present data on their effects on Americans’ financial stability and on the wider economy. The costs of health care coverage are increasingly disruptive issues for families and the American economy, and they will likely impact the work of direct service providers, advocates, and their funders in the philanthropic sector in the near future.

Mar. 16-19
Washington, D.C.

National Community Reinvestment Coalition

"Creating a Just Economy"

Field Associate Janay Richmond attended NCRC’s annual conference to learn about strategies to create a more just economic framework in the U.S. This conference will include leaders from nonprofits, policymakers, government officials, small businesses, media, and academia to share best practices and innovative approaches to improve community efforts and create a just economy. The conference includes workshops and sessions on housing, access to credit and capital, fair lending, business development, community organizing and workforce and community development.

Mar. 16

Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy

Implicit Bias in Grantmaking

How well do you know your subconscious? Why does it matter? Proven science tells us our commitments to fairness and equality can be undermined by subconscious assumptions we may not even be aware of. Dive into this timely, important topic with Jeanné Isler, Field Director at the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy; Rachel Godsill, Director of Research at the Perception Institute; & Crystal Echo Hawk, President & CEO of Echo Hawk Consulting and a member of the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. Together we’ll explore the definitions of implicit bias, its effect on all of us as individuals, and its influence on the decisions and trends in our philanthropic institutions. Watch the webinar recording and view the slides here.

Mar. 11
Washington, D.C.

Advancement Project

Breaking Through in the Media: A Communications Skill Share

Field Associate Ben Barge attended the Advancement Project’s skill share to learn about promising traditional and digital media strategies to garner attention in the news cycle. The session included over 40 people from a range of nonprofits, grassroots groups, and consulting outfits.

Mar. 10

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Civic Engagement: Choose Your Own Adventure

Elections, voting, organizing, activism: these are powerful tools for everyday people to shape the decisions that affect our lives. Yet too often, the deck is stacked against the communities who need access to these opportunities the most. How can grantmakers take advantage of the full civic engagement infrastructure available to them to expand access to participation, empower grassroots leaders, and make progress on the most pressing issues of our time? In this highly interactive webinar, you’ll be given scenarios based on real life case studies, and then discuss with the experts who were there when they happened. Speakers will include Dan Petegorsky, NCRP’s Senior Fellow; Leonard Noisette, director of the Justice Fund for U.S. Programs at the Open Society Foundations; and George Cheung, program director for a private foundation in the Midwest. Watch a recording of the webinar and view the presentation slides!

Mar. 9

Grantmakers in Health Annual Conference

The Courage to Change: Maintaining Agility in Grantmaking

NCRP’s Director of Foundation Assessment Lisa Ranghelli teamed up with Richard Thomason, Director of Health Care and Coverage at Blue Shield of California Foundation and Elisa Orona, Executive Director of Health Improvement Partnership of Santa Cruz County to tell their story of courage in philanthropy.  Their session, The Courage to Change: Maintaining Agility in Grantmaking will illustrate how grantmakers can develop successful, innovative strategies by learning from their relationships with their grantees. Courage is the very fabric that makes change possible, and by sharing an example of the courageous relationship between a leading health funder and its grantee as well as others Lisa has come across through her extensive research on grantee/grantmaker relationships, Lisa will highlight several tools to create and maintain an agile culture of change at grantmaking institutions. 

Mar. 9
New York, NY

Ford Foundation

Participation and Social Change

NCRP’s Sr. Director of Research and Policy Niki Jagpal attended a convening at the Ford Foundation to participate in a Learning Session with Dr. Hahrie Han. Dr. Han will discuss core findings and recommendations of a program review of the foundation’s Promoting Electoral Reform and Democratic Participation (PERDP). Dr. Theda Skocpol and Dr. Taeku Lee will offer responses to Dr. Han’s work, followed by a panel discussion with all the presenters.

Feb. 29
Washington, D.C.

Grantmakers Income Security Taskforce

13th Annual Budget and Tax Briefing

Field Associate Ben Barge joined colleagues to discuss pressing federal and state budget and tax issues and their impact on supports and services for children, youth and families. The annual event informs and helps organize GIST’s association of 175 grantmakers, which focus on alleviating poverty and expanding economic opportunity in the U.S.

Feb. 19
Chicago, IL


Building a Movement: The Role of Social Change in Nonprofit Organizations

Many nonprofit organizations were formed to address inequities and shortfalls in existing social structures, but budget and resource limitations often force them to focus on short-term needs and neglect long-term change. Field Director Jeanné Isler shared findings about the current trends in funding social change movements, and how funders can better support such movements, both with funding and their other resources.

Jan. 26


National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

NCRP Nonprofit Membership Orientation

Whether you’re a longtime member or new to the NCRP flock, this nonprofit members-only Orientation is for you. Get to know NCRP staff personally, learn about opportunities to raise your profile among funders, and meet fellow nonprofit members building a movement for a better philanthropic sector. Representatives from two of NCRP’s newest benefit providers—EveryAction CRM and Kerxton Insurance Agency—will also be on hand to answer questions. Watch a recording of the webinar on YouTube and view the presentation slides.

Jan. 15

Washington, D.C.

Executives' Alliances and Frontline Solutions

Philanthropic Bootcamp

Three funding collaboratives are hosting a day-long bootcamp to explore possibilities for heightened impact. The Executives’ Alliance, Communities for Just Schools Fund and Greater New Orleans Funders Network are looking for creative and bold ideas to inform the direction of their initiatives. Field Director Jeanné Isler participated in the event and share NCRP’s perspective on what’s possible.

Jan. 14


National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Mass Incarceration: The Rural Perspective

At the height of the prison-building boom, a new prison opened every 15 days in rural America. Mass incarceration has shaped the lives and landscape of rural places – from Native nations faced with disproportionate policing, to small towns reliant on prison-based growth. Today, amidst the need for urgent changes to our criminal justice system, what does reform look like in our rural communities? And how can philanthropy support a more just future? Join NCRP Senior Director of Research and Policy Niki Jagpal in a dynamic online conversation with Lenny Foster, Director of the Navajo Nations Corrections Project; Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, Executive Director of The Ordinary People Society (T.O.P.S.); asha bandele, Senior Director of Grants, Partnerships and Special Projects at the Drug Policy Alliance; and Nick Szuberla, Executive Director of Working Narratives and Nation Inside. You’ll learn about courageous efforts on the ground, exciting opportunities for change, and resources to strengthen this important work. Watch a recording of the webinar on YouTube and view the presentation slides.

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