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For over 30 years, NCRP has served as an independent and reliable source of information and analyses for members of the media on issues regarding philanthropic accountability, transparency, best practices and responsiveness to the needs of marginalized communities.

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Press Releases

05/19/2016 Foundations: Don’t overlook transgender community, SDGs and state-level civic engagement
05/04/2016 U.S. Rep. Ellison and Top Grantmakers Share Messages of Inspiration for Supporting Social Justice Movements at the 2016 NCRP Impact Awards
04/13/2016 While New York Community Trust Mostly Delivers on Equity Goals, Its Donors Overlook NYC’s Grassroots Nonprofits
03/08/2016 Meet the 2016 NCRP Impact Awardees
02/09/2016 Philanthropy Can Help Bring Together those Shut Out by the Political Process
01/12/2016 Philanthropy Watchdog Group Seeks Foundations to Honor at 2016 NCRP Impact Awards
12/09/2015 New Philamplify Report: Knight Foundation Needs to Pursue Innovation with Equity in Mind
11/18/2015 Philanthropy Has Important Role to Play in Criminal Justice Reform
10/28/2015 New Philamplify Report: Kresge Foundation on Path Toward Becoming Next Great Social Justice Philanthropy
10/06/2015 New NCRP Report: Family Foundations Are Behind the Curve in Supporting Nonprofit Advocacy, Community Organizing
09/15/2015 NCRP to Hold Philamplify Debate: Do Charter Schools, Vouchers Help Underserved Students?
08/25/2015 Philanthropy's Role in Katrina Response Holds Lessons 10 Years Later
06/16/2015 New Philamplify Report Criticizes Secretive Hess Foundation

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NCRP in the News

05/25/2016 The Boston Globe How to squander $52m of charitable money in 6 months
05/03/2016 Unzipped The Evelyn & Walter Haas Jr. Fund Receives National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy Honor
04/13/2016 Public News Service Assessing Community Giving, Grassroots Needs
03/14/2016 Public News Service Three California Grantmakers Win Prestigious Impact Award
03/14/2016 Public News Service Impact Award for Area Consumer Health Foundation
03/08/2016 Philanthropy News Digest Everglades Trust Ads Call Attention to Foundation/Industry Relations
03/04/2016 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Effort to Shame Mott Foundation Is Well-Timed, Expert Says
02/29/2016 The Chronicle of Philanthropy 3rd Generation of Walton Family Makes Sharp Turn in Giving
01/31/2016 The Atlantic Who Should Pay for the Arts in America?
01/28/2016 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Another Big Grant Maker Redirects Its Giving Toward Poverty
01/17/2016 Nonprofit Chronicles Should Foundations be Subject to "Sunshine" Laws?
01/12/2016 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Philanthropy Is on a Collision Course With Presidential Campaign Politics
01/07/2016 Glasspockets Through a Glass a Little Less Darkly: 2015 Philanthropic Transparency Highlights
01/06/2015 Nonprofit Quarterly A City in Remission: Can the “Grand Bargain” Revive Detroit?
01/03/2016 Miami Herald Philanthropists should spend more on criminal-justice reform
12/22/2015 Inside Philanthropy Philanthropy Awards, 2015
12/17/2015 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Ford’s $190 Million Renovation Carries Message About Philanthropy
12/15/2015 Inside Philanthropy Why This Nonprofit Trying to Close the Racial Tech Gap Is Pulling in the Grants
12/14/2015 Public News Service Report: Knight Foundation Needs Greater Focus on Equity
12/14/2015 Philanthropy News Digest Knight Foundation Should Better Articulate Equity Focus, Study Argues
12/11/2015 Public News Service Advice for Calif's. Facebook CEO on Effective Philanthropy
12/10/2015 The Chronicle of Philanthropy New Online Site to Function as a ‘Yelp’ for Grant Makers
12/10/2015 Nonprofit Quarterly “Bright and Shiny” Syndrome: Philamplify Looks at the Knight Foundation
12/9/2015 Inside Philanthropy Darkness Grows: Time for a New Conversation About Philanthropy and Transparency
12/9/2015 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Knight Foundation Sows Success — and Confusion, Study Says
12/3/2015 The Huffington Post Unsolicited Advice for Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan on Their New Philanthropic Initiative
12/2/2015 OZY How New Thinking Is Shaking Up Old Money
11/23/2015 Forbes The First Woman Of Women: How Melinda Gates Became The World's Most Powerful Advocate For Women And Girls
11/18/2015 The NonProfit Times Sector Crusader Rick Cohen Dies Suddenly
11/12/2015 KCRW Press Play Geffen’s UCLA Gift, 'War Is Beautiful,' and How to Give Away Money
11/09/2015 Nonprofit Quarterly Markets, Equity & School Choice Taken On by Hazen Foundation
11/05/2015 The Chronicle of Philanthropy New Head of Key Congressional Committee Seen as Friend to Nonprofits
10/28/2015 Public News Service A Role Model for Social Justice Giving in Michigan? 
10/28/2015 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Kresge’s Focus on Solving Big Problems Shows Promising Signs, Watchdog Says
10/08/2015 Nonprofit Quarterly The NCRP Debate on Market Approaches to Education Reform
10/08/2015 The Portland Tribune Meyer Trust takes on the E word
09/09/2015 Forbes Patagonia Rallies for an Earth Tax
08/17/2015 The Chronicle of Philanthropy MacArthur and Ford Foundations Diverge on Strategy
06/29/2015 The American Prospect Sorry, Walmart: Charter Schools Won't Fix Poverty
05/27/2015 Public News Service NY Nonprofits Lauded: Nimble Response to Community Needs
05/26/2015 The Guardian The Climate Change Fight Cannot Be Won With White Liberal America Alone

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Roundup Archive

    Apr. 2016 Should the NYCT provide deeper support for community organizing to increase its impact?
    Mar. 2016 Who is the special guest joining us at the 2016 NCRP Impact Awards?
    Feb. 2016 How can philanthropy foster democracy?
    Jan. 2016 How can philanthropy support a more just future?
    Dec. 2015 Should the Knight Foundation continue to embrace risk and innovation?
    Nov. 2015 Criminal justice reform, NCRP webinars & more!
    Oct. 2015 Our report on the Kresge Foundation, feedback on Philamplify debate & more!
    Sept. 2015 Philamplifying community foundations, new NCRP board members and more!
    Aug. 2015 Summer RP, NCRP's debate on education reform and more!
    July 2015 A New Approach to Capacity Building in Philanthropy, Untransparent Philanthropy and more!
    June 2015 Hess Foundation ‘Philamplified,’ movement metrics and more!
    May 2015 Walton Family Foundation 'Philamplified,' Implicit Bias in Philanthropy, 2015 Impact Awards & more!
    Apr. 2015 Learning from Ben & Jerry's Foundation's employee-led grantmaking and more!
    Mar. 2015 Organizing for Educational Justice: Parents, Students and Labor Join Forces to Reclaim Public Education & more!
    Feb. 2015 A Lesson in Feminine Norms: Why Philanthropy Matters to Educational Outcomes & more!
    Jan. 2015 Call for 2015 Impact Award Nominations, issue campaigning, transparency in philathropy and more!
    Dec. 2014 Lessons for Philanthropy from CPSD to raise minimum wage for the New Year and more!
    Nov. 2014 Building long-term alliances, movement metrics and more!
    Oct. 2014 Discovering mission investing, linking impact to diversity and more!
    Sept 2014 What's standing between your investments and mission alignment?
    Aug 2014 Foundation Transparency: What is it and why does it matter?
    July 2014 Summer heats up as Otto Bremer scandal unfolds, and more from NCRP
    June 2014 Excessive compensation, Freedom Funders, new Philamplify reports and more
    May 2014 Marrying moral principles and accountability in philanthropy

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