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For over 30 years, NCRP has served as an independent and reliable source of information and analyses for members of the media on issues regarding philanthropic accountability, transparency, best practices and responsiveness to the needs of marginalized communities.

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Press Releases

06/25/2014 Philamplify Watchdog Examines The California Endowment and Daniels Fund in New Crowdsourcing Website
06/16/2014 Lessons for Today's Social Justice Movement from the Freedom Funders
06/10/2014 Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leaders Gather in Washington for 2014 NCRP Impact Awards
05/28/2014 Partnerships and Relationship-Building Boost Philanthropy's Effectiveness
05/06/2014 Philanthropy Watchdog Combines Crowdsourcing with Expert Critiques in New Groundbreaking Website
02/04/2014 Moving philanthropy forward in engaging in mission investing
01/14/2014 2014 NCRP Impact Awards Call for Nominations
12/10/2013 NCRP Releases Findings from Unique New Assessment of Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation
11/20/2013 Challenging Assumptions to Make Philanthropy More Effective

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NCRP in the News

07/17/2014 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Philanthropy Watchdog Questions Minn. Foundation's Trustee Compensation
07/15/2014 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Hewlett Bets $50-Million to Make Congress Work More Effectively
07/13/2014 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Corporate Profits Surge but Cash Donations Creep Up Only 3%
07/03/2014 The Star Tribune Trustees' actions raise some serious questions
07/01/2014 The Star Tribune Watchdog wants investigation of Bremer Foundation salaries
06/30/2014 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Watchdog Seeks Probe of Minn. Fund's Booming Trustee Pay
06/27/2014 Minnesota Public Radio Bremer trustees paying themselves too much, watchdog says
06/25/2014 The Star Tribune Bush Foundation charts new course, again
06/16/2014 The Chronicle of Philanthropy Nonprofits Watch Nervously as Watchdog Groups Multiply and Demand More
06/10/2014 The Chronicle of Social Change SoCal Charities Mobilize Behind Blue Ribbon Commission
06/10/2014 Burlington Free Press Ben & Jerrys Foundation Win National Award
05/22/2014 Buzzfeed Business How a Private Foundation with Student Loan Ties Became A Force in Higher Education
05/21/2014 Alliance Magazine 5 Reasons Philanthropy Will Benefit from Having Both CEP's Assessment Tool and NCRP's Philamplify
05/20/2014 The Atlantic How A Zagat-Style Website Will Make Philanthropy More Accountable
05/06/2014 The Chronicle of Philanthropy New Website Invites Feedback on Grant Makers
05/06/2014 Alliance Magazine NCRP launches Philamplify to help deliver honest feedback to grantmakers
05/06/2014 NonProfit Quarterly NCRP Launches Intriguing and Unusual Foundation Assessment Website
04/11/2014 Insurance News Net Charitable giving firm sees surge
03/28/2014 The NonProfit Times Combined Federal Campaign Plummets for 4th Year
03/23/2014 Chronicle of Philanthropy Foundations Support More Local Groups Working in Tandem
01/21/2014 Philanthropy North Carolina Investment urged to address interconnected issues
01/14/2014 NonProfit Times NCRP to Honor Outstanding Grantmakers
01/09/2014 Chronicle of Philanthropy Giving Pledge Signers Gave Big in 2013 but Not Much for Today's Needs
01/07/2014 Alliance Magazine ‘Losing the Forest by Focusing on One Tree’ – The Perils of ‘Strategic’ Philanthropy?

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Roundup Archive

  April 2014 The importance of data in philanthropy
  Mar. 2014 Fostering emerging leadership in philanthropy
  Feb. 2014 Is there Attention Deficit Disorder in philanthropy?
  Jan. 2014 Supporting Institution-Based Community Organzing
  Dec. 2013 Investing in Structural Change in the South
  Nov. 2013 What does philanthropy really need?
  Oct. 2013 Supporting Multi-Issue Advocacy and Empowering Communities

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