More CA Groups Pledge Support...

More CA Groups Pledge Support for Underserved Groups
By Lori Abbott
Public News Service California
June 21, 2012

More foundations are pledging their support for under-served groups. When the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy launched Philanthropy's Promise a year ago, 64 grant-makers signed up. Now, that number has nearly doubled, and Philanthropy's Promise represents more than $3.3 billion in annual giving.

In California, 30 foundations have pledged to direct at least 50 percent of their grants to under-served communities of the poor, the elderly and LGBTQ citizens and 25 percent toward advocacy efforts to address the root causes of social problems.

Ken Wilson, executive director of The Christensen Fund, based in San Francisco, says Californians can feel more confident their donated dollars are going to those who need the most help.

"Most of our grantees have not had the kind of resources that we're able to give them before. When they get them, they can contribute just as well as established organizations have been able to do."

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