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Nonprofits and Foundations Share Their Thoughts on Recession
NCRP's Responsive Philanthropy provides important perspectives

WASHINGTON, D.C. - - The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) released today the winter edition of Responsive Philanthropy. With the country in the midst of its worst economic downturn in a generation, this issue explores how people everywhere are struggling to cope and looking for ways to adjust their spending. The same is true for the philanthropic sector. As major sources of funding dry up, both grantmakers and grantseekers must now reexamine their financial strategies to better maintain their work.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation recently developed and implemented new grantmaking tactics in response to the country's broadening economic crisis. With support from their board of directors, the foundation has narrowed its focus to immigration integration, economic security, a community opportunity fund and other important strategies.

"The economic crisis clearly qualifies as a changing circumstance. It should compel every foundation to examine its current strategies and in rare cases, lead some foundations to reconsider their missions," writes foundation president Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D.

Tim Delaney, president and CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits, echoes Carson's plea for revision while stressing a need for more communication and collaboration between funders and grantees. He recommends three important tools that foundations can use to provide nonprofits with a clearer vision of what is to come.

He concludes, "By working together - as funding providers and service providers - foundations and nonprofits can perform our shared missions better and help meet our communities' urgent needs created by this wicked economy."

Project Streamline is striving for better philanthropic practices, specifically within the grant application process. The organization compiled workgroups of grantmakers and grantseekers to address the following issues: online applications and reporting, budgets, financial reporting and grant periods, basic due diligence requirements and right-sized requirements. Minimizing the administrative burden on grantees is especially important in times of financial recession.

Finally, Lisa Ranghelli, senior research associate at NCRP, closely examines how increased funding of advocacy, community organizing and civic engagement has improved the work of several New Mexico nonprofits, enabling them to carry out their work more effectively and improving the welfare of people throughout the state.

Ranghelli recognizes the state's limited philanthropic resources in tackling problems such as domestic violence and child poverty. "This is all the more reason for foundations and donors to ensure that their scarce resources are being invested wisely to address critical issues," she adds.

Free to NCRP members, Responsive Philanthropy is also available to non-members for $25 annually. To subscribe, please visit For a complimentary media copy, contact Meredith Brodbeck (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

NCRP is a national watchdog, research and advocacy organization that promotes philanthropy that serves the public good, is responsive to people and communities with the least wealth and opportunity, and is held accountable to the highest standards of integrity and openness. For more information on NCRP or to become a member, please visit or call (202) 387-9177.


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