Welcome to the Philanthropy At Its Best Self-Test

This self-test allows grantmakers to quickly assess their foundation’s likely performance against the criteria and the benchmarks from NCRP’s Criteria for Philanthropy at its Best.

  • The test is composed of four short parts: values, effectiveness, ethics, and commitment. Answer the brief questions about your foundation to the best of your knowledge. Be honest! Once you have completed all the sections, you’ll be asked to preview your answers prior to a final submission.
  • As you take the test, remember that a grantmaking institution meeting most of the benchmarks is not necessarily any better than a foundation meeting only some of the benchmarks. This is not a contest or a ranking system. What matters in the end is impact—the difference your foundation makes in the world. NCRP believes that the Criteria for Philanthropy at Its Best will help grantmakers become more effective at achieving their missions.
  • This self-test is confidential. Specific responses from your self-test will not be made public without your permission.
  • NCRP plans to share stories of exemplary foundations pursuing Philanthropy at Its Best, such as high-performing foundations and those that have made notable progress on one or more of the criteria. Please provide us with your contact information where noted if you would like to be a part of this effort.
  • You can save your self-test at any time and return to it before submitting a final version.

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