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Smashing Silos

Full title: Smashing Silos in Philanthropy: Multi-Issue Advocacy and Organizing for Real Results

By Niki Jagpal and Kevin Laskowski

Published: November 2013

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In this report, NCRP urges foundations that want to see breakthroughs on issues including poverty alleviation, protecting our environment, improving our education system and other complex issues to fund cross-issue grassroots organizations as part of their overall grantmaking strategy. These organizations organize and mobilize multiple constituents and citizens to cultivate the power, leadership and relationships necessary to move the needle toward lasting solutions.

Real Results

Full title: Real Results: Why Strategic Philanthropy is Social Justice Philanthropy

By Niki Jagpal and Kevin Laskowski

Published: January 2013

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In this report, NCRP contends that strategic philanthropy is limited by its top-down, technocratic approach and recommends the use of approaches familiar to social justice philanthropy to address these limitations. The authors draw on common themes seen in the High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy report series to demonstrate how a social justice approach produces concrete results and society-wide benefits regardless of issue focus.

Leveraging Limited Dollars

Full title: Leveraging Limited Dollars: How Grantmakers Achieve Tangible Results by Funding Policy and Community Engagement

Published: January 2012

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This report distills findings from more than 400 pages of research amassed over three years as part of NCRP’s Grantmaking for Community Impact Project (GCIP). The project documented $26.6 billion in benefits for taxpayers and communities in 13 states, and found that every dollar grantmakers and other donors invested in policy and civic engagement provided a return of $115 in community benefit.

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