NCRP: Coming soon to your favorite podcast

Written by: Peter Haldis

Date: July 14, 2016

Working in NCRP’s communications department, I know how difficult it is to get mainstream news outlets to cover philanthropy. It’s not a sexy topic, and many in the general public probably think of foundations as “those organizations that fund NPR and PBS.” Unless the story is a scandal involving a major party presidential candidate, news organizations outside of the philanthropic press usually pass on it.

But podcasting is that rare medium that lacks such gatekeepers. Anyone with a microphone and a recording device can create a podcast about any subject, even topics as niche as philanthropy and nonprofits.

As podcasting continues to ride its nearly two-year-long renaissance, NCRP Executive Director Aaron Dorfman recently appeared on two podcasts tackling such topics: the self-explanatory For Small Nonprofits and Tiny Spark, a show about “philanthropy, nonprofits, international aid and social good initiatives.”

On For Small Nonprofits, Aaron and host Erik Hanberg discussed the complicated relationships between foundations and nonprofits. “Fundraising from foundations is far less about writing the proposal than it is about doing great work and having relationships,” Aaron said when asked about applying for grants. “There is no substitute for the relationships to move the money. And that is hard for small nonprofits, and it’s especially hard for rural nonprofits, who just aren’t at events where the funders are at.”

Aaron and Tiny Spark host Amy Costello talked about The Giving Pledge and why he has concerns about it. “Generally speaking, the rich give to things that benefit themselves and their social standing,” he said. “[The Giving Pledge] is only about giving it away for something. But, the ‘for what’ has not, to this point, been part of The Giving Pledge. And that’s a big concern.”

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Peter Haldis is a communications associate at NCRP.