Our top 10 blog posts from the first six months of 2016

Written by: Peter Haldis

Date: July 01, 2016

In the first half of 2016, we added 49 new posts to NCRP’s blog. Below are the 10 most popular posts during the past six months. Thank you to all of our excellent contributors and our readers for helping us keep a close eye on philanthropy! Stay tuned for more exciting posts from staff and guest contributors during the rest of 2016!

10. Bridging the Rural and Urban Divide to End Mass Incarceration

Nick Szuberla, executive director and co-founder of Working Narratives, discussed how mass incarceration and other criminal justice issues present an opportunity to unite rural and urban communities to drive for change. 

9. Why Funders Shouldn’t Overlook Place-Based Grantmaking

Tahirih Ziegler, executive director of Detroit LISC, wrote about how foundation investment in communities is a prime strategy for long-term success.

8. Philanthropy’s Young Leaders Working Toward the Future

Hill-Snowdon Foundation Executive Director Nat Chioke Williams, Ph.D., explored the future for young philanthropic leaders, like those on The Chronicle of Philanthropy‘s 40 Under 40 list.

7. Community Foundations as Catalysts for Community-Led Change

PT Partners Program Director Kate Kelly, M.S.W., explained how Fairfield County’s Community Foundation is fostering change that is more responsive to the needs of its residents.

6. Local Foundation Provides Surprising Support for Right-Wing Campaign

NCRP Senior Fellow Dan Petegorsky looked at the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust, an unexpected contributor to radical right-wing groups.

5. Let’s Talk About Race, Baby

NCRP Project Associate Caitlin Duffy called on foundations to use explicit racial equity language in their work.

4. Farewell to Niki Jagpal

NCRP Executive Director Aaron Dorfman authored a tribute to Niki Jagpal, former NCRP senior director of research and policy.

3. “The Self-Help Myth” Tells an Important Story About Philanthropy

Craig McGarvey, a former foundation program officer, reviewed Erica Kohl-Arenas’s book The Self-Help Myth: How Philanthropy Fails to Alleviate Poverty.

2. Rethinking the Funding Equation: Can General Operating Support Become the New Normal?

Jennifer Teunon, executive director of the Medina Foundation, asked this question to encourage philanthropy to increase unrestricted grants.

1. Place-Based Philanthropy Is People-Powered

Laura Zabel, executive director of Minnesota nonprofit Springboard for the Arts, provided five tips for how foundations can build leadership and relationship capacity in the communities they serve.

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Peter Haldis is a communications associate at NCRP.

Image by Sam Churchill, modified under Creative Commons license.