Collaboration and lasting change: With good philanthropy, anything is possible

Written by: Jack Rome

Date: February 07, 2017

A few weeks ago, NCRP’s President and CEO, Aaron Dorfman, presented at Minnesota Council on Foundation’s Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minn.

The conference focused on “philanthropy in action,” and Aaron was determined to send a message that supports that idea. Aaron’s 10-minute talk emphasizes one important thesis:

There are no limits to what philanthropy can accomplish if we dream big, take risks and set aside our egos and look for ways to work collaboratively.

This aggressive optimism is not to be taken lightly, especially in this new reality we find ourselves in. However, Aaron goes on to make important points that prove philanthropy’s vital role in changing our society for the better. This is not simply idealistic. This optimistic message comes from years of examples set by foundations like the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund and collaborative groups like the Civil Marriage Collaborative and the California Civic Participation Funders.

Aaron goes on to state six important pieces of advice for funders as they embark on their mission to support underserved communities, important social movements and real, lasting change.

In what ways can philanthropy be bold in supporting your causes and communities?

Watch the video below to learn about these important steps.

Jack Rome is a communications intern at NCRP. Follow @NCRP on Twitter.