Outrageous headlines from philanthropy you won’t see elsewhere

Written by: NCRP

Date: April 01, 2017

Here at NCRP, we pride ourselves on doing good research that translates into effective tools for the sector. What many folks may not know is that we frequently hear about important news and happenings from around the sector before anyone else.

Recently, we got wind of some pretty mind-blowing updates from our source. Some are just too big to keep to ourselves, so we decided to share them with our readers. Remember, you heard it here first!

Foundation leaders seen advocating outside their offices

Recent sightings of foundation leaders out and about at conferences, events and on the Hill, suggest a new commitment to actual advocacy for their causes. “We want to show that we’ve changed” opined a rarely seen foundation leader.

Major funder breaks the mold

“Only multi-year funding from now on,” declared a major funder.

Philanthropy Roundtable Proposes abolition of IRS Form 990PF

Noting that donors who give through donor advised funds and LLCs are not required to disclose much of anything, the Philanthropy Roundtable today urged Congress to abolish the requirement that private foundations publicly disclose IRS form 990PF.

“Why is it fair that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t have to disclose details about his giving, but donors who give through foundations do?” asked Adam Meyerson, president of the group. “All we’re asking for is that every donor has complete and total freedom to do whatever he or she wants, without the prospect of their giving being picked apart and scrutinized by the public.”

A spokesman for President Trump noted that the White House would welcome such a bill, adding that “David Fahrenthold was a real pain in the neck during the campaign.”

Community foundations express public support for donor-advised fund payout requirements

Foundation CEO agrees to swap places for one week with a grantee frontliner

“It seemed like something I should try.”

Foundations exclaim: “It’s not my money, it’s ours, and we are equal partners. Respect!”

“We just felt this strange urge to say that. I’m not sure where it came from, but it seems like a good thing,” admitted Fool Foundation executive April Day.

Independent Sector and Council on Foundations to merge, lauding Pablo Eisenberg recommendation

Major foundation CEO makes straightforward commitment to bravery

“I will be brave and innovative, and I’ll admit what I don’t know and be willing to learn,” pledged a CEO of a major foundation when asked what they plan to do differently to increase impact.

Trump announces Vu Lee to lead initiative that will make business and government run like nonprofits

“This is in my best interest, right?” asked President Trump after making the announcement via Twitter.

Foundations sign pledge to agree to Philamplify assessments and using the results to improve the impact of their funding.

We normally don’t reveal our source, but we want to give credit where it’s due. Thank you, Mr. A. Fools.