Stories from the Deep South illuminate untapped potential for philanthropists

Written by: Kristina ("Yna") C. Moore

Date: April 05, 2017

Does your foundation or those in your area invest in the South in ways that promote strong, vibrant communities where all residents thrive?

If not, you’re not alone.

“Many philanthropists choose not to invest in Southern communities or choose short-term opportunities that undermine the long-term capacity of Southern nonprofits. Other funders invest in what they think is ‘safer’ direct service work. While aid to those in need is undoubtedly critical, only investments in systemic change can achieve widespread, deep impact in the region.”

– LaTosha Brown and Aaron Dorfman
in “
Foreword” of As the South Grows: On Fertile Soil

You can do something about this now.

Read the stories of four nonprofit leaders from the Deep South and how they are standing up for the well-being of communities of color, the poor, women, immigrants and other vulnerable populations in NCRP’s newest report As the South Grows: On Fertile Soil.

Like many of their colleagues, these activists face opposition that have considerably deeper pockets in their work for racial, economic and social justice. And oftentimes, they see very little philanthropic support.

We can learn much from these Southern leaders.

“Our new national reality of unified, reactionary, anti-democratic government has been a reality for Southerners off and on for more than a generation. Therefore, national and non-Southern organizations have much to learn from their Southern counterparts.”

– LaTosha Brown and Aaron Dorfman
in “
Foreword” of As the South Grows: On Fertile Soil

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We hope “As the South Grows” inspires you to look at the South as a fertile ground for deeper investments, collaboration and partnerships.

Yna C. Moore is senior director of communications at the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP). Follow @ynamoore and @NCRP on Twitter.

Photo by Wendy Ettinger, 2016. Used with permission.