Southern progress isn’t possible without equitable economic development

Written by: Jennifer Choi

Date: June 27, 2017

As the South Grows: Strong Roots coverDo you work at or with a national foundation investing in systemic change? Does your program include wealth- and power-building in the South? If not, your efforts may not bring sustained change.

Our latest report, “As the South Grows: Strong Roots,” details how foundations can make lasting investments in wealth-building in the South. It profiles six community, foundation and nonprofit leaders in the South, specifically the Coal Country of Kentucky and the coastal Lowcountry of South Carolina, to highlight opportunities for foundations and philanthropists to build Southern wealth by investing in local assets and capacity.

As Karen Watson of the Positive Action Committee said in our recent webinar on philanthropy in the South, as long as the South is underfunded, regressive policies will take root in the South and then spread nationwide. 

Learn about:
  • Six community leadersSix Southern leaders working to increase local assets and capacity, and protect existing ones.
  • Three Do’s and Three Don’ts for grantmakers interested in investing in wealth- and capacity-building in the South.
  • Four tips funders can take to get started with engaging with and investing in equitable economic development in Southern communities.

As the South Grows: Strong Roots” is the second report in the five-part As the South Grows series. The third report will be released in the fall.

We hope “As the South Grows” inspires you to look at the South as an important opportunity for deeper engagement, investment and partnerships.

Jennifer Choi is vice president and chief content officer at National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP). Follow @jennychoinews and @NCRP on Twitter.