6 (more) do’s and don’ts for foundations and donors

Written by: NCRP

Date: July 12, 2017

Is your foundation investing in a diversity of assets across the communities it serves? Does your organization struggle to get funding because of perceived capacity restraints?

In our first As the South Grows report, “As the South Grows: On Fertile Soil,” NCRP and Grantmakers for Southern Progress revealed five key Do’s and five key Don’ts for how foundations and donors can invest in existing capacity to build power in the communities they serve.

The second and latest As the South Grows report, “As the South Grows: Strong Roots” unveiled three additional Do’s and three additional Don’ts to help foundations and donors build wealth in local economies.

DOs and DONTs
We hope the As the South Grows series inspires you to take a serious look at investing in wealth- and power-building in Southern communities.