What does your movement need to flourish?

Written by: Jack Rome

Date: July 26, 2017

What movement do you feel most passionate about? Health? Education? Environment? Criminal Justice? LGBTQ? What does that movement need in order to flourish? How do you think philanthropy can help?

We need you to tell us what NCRP, and foundations and other funders can do to support these movements in the near-term and during the next 10 years.

One of the goals of NCRP’s new strategic framework is:

“Over the next 10 years we want to ensure that social movements – especially those led by the people most affected by disparities and inequality – have the philanthropic resources they need to win significant victories that make our society fairer and more just and democratic.”

There are differences among the many movements working to address inequities and injustice in specific issue areas such as health, education and environment.

Join us in this conversation.

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To learn more, check out our #MovementMoney launch video.

Jack Rome is communications intern at NCRP. Follow @NCRP on Twitter.

Image by Mark Dixon. Used under Creative Commons license.