Boost the impact of climate philanthropy in the South with these 6 Do’s and Don’ts

Written by: Kristina ("Yna") C. Moore

Date: November 29, 2017

As the historic 2017 Atlantic hurricane season has demonstrated, extreme weather events can have devastating impacts. And such events are becoming more and more common as the effects of climate change take hold. But those impacts are heightened in the American South, which sits on the front lines of the global climate crisis.

Our newest report, “As the South Grows: Weathering the Storm,” explores opportunities for philanthropy to invest in environmental, racial and climate justice in the South. Using examples in Eastern North Carolina and Southern Louisiana, the report details how the organizing and mobilizing of Southerners around these issues is not matched by foundation investment in their communities.

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As the South Grows: Weathering the Storm” is the third report in the five-part As the South Grows series. The fourth report will be released in February.

We hope “As the South Grows” inspires you to look at the South as an important opportunity for deeper engagement, investment and partnerships.

Yna C. Moore is senior director of communications at NCRP. Follow @ynamoore and @NCRP on Twitter.