Announcing the first foundation assessment guide on power and privilege

Written by: Aaron Dorfman

Date: May 02, 2018

Toolkit coverEvery once in a while, if we’re lucky, we get to be part of something truly transformative. Something that has an outsized impact in bending the moral arc of the universe towards justice.

Today’s release of Power Moves: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice is one of those moments for me and the whole team at NCRP.  And we invite you to be a part of it.

Power Moves is the only assessment guide that will help grantmakers of all sizes up their game by examining how well they are leveraging power in the fight for lasting, positive outcomes in all our communities. If you’re a funder committed to advancing equity and justice, this guide will help you get the feedback you need to understand how you’re doing and to chart a course for how to improve.

I want to learn about Power Moves now

“Foundations confront multiple challenges in embracing effective, wise, responsible and relevant philanthropy. Power Moves can be a valuable asset in the hands of those who commit to that effort.”

Tom Lambeth
Director emeritus
  Z. Smith Reynolds  Foundation
Power Moves Advisory Committee

Power and equity: The missing link

“I think what’s undervalued and underappreciated is the issue of power and that the root of most social problems that plague our nation – health reform, education reform, fiscal government reform, housing reform – are not fundamentally innovation problems but power and equity problems.”

Dr. Robert K. Ross
President and CEO
The California Endowment
In “Responsive Philanthropy” (Winter 2011/12)

Efforts in support of equity and justice cannot be successful without taking power into account. Power Moves is a comprehensive toolkit that helps grantmakers explore three dimensions of power by asking themselves the following questions:

  • How effective are we at building power? Are we supporting systemic change by funding civic engagement, advocacy ad community organizing among marginalized communities?
  • To what extent are we sharing power? Are we nurturing transparent, trusting relationships and co-creating strategies with stakeholders?
  • How is our foundation wielding power? Are we exercising public leadership beyond grantmaking to create equitable, catalytic change?
Power Moves is the only self-assessment guide that helps grantmakers examine how well they are building, sharing and wielding power to achieve goals on equity and justice.

Power Moves is the only self-assessment guide that helps grantmakers examine how well they are building, sharing and wielding power to achieve goals on equity and justice.

“With Power Moves, NCRP is stepping up once again to help the field understand what’s needed at this important moment to take meaningful action to advance social justice.”

Suprotik Stotz-Ghosh
Senior Advisor, Racial Equity
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
Power Moves Advisory Committee

Take me to Power Moves now

With grantmakers, for grantmakers

The toolkit was created with the help of an all-star group of thinkers and practitioners working on issues of equity, evaluation, assessment and learning. NCRP is extremely grateful to the advisory committee and external reviewers for their contributions.

We’ve brought together two cohorts of leading foundations and expert consultants who will use Power Moves in the coming year. Through these pilot advisory and peer learning groups, participants will for their organizations and clients.

We look forward to sharing insights and feedback we receive from participants with the rest of the sector so make sure you’re signed up to receive the latest news from NCRP.

Free Power Moves Webinar series

Join us for a discussion on how funders can examine power, privilege and risk in the first Power Moves webinar on Wednesday, May 30, from 2:30-3:45 pm ET. Joining Lisa Ranghelli, NCRP’s senior director of assessment and special projects, are:

  • Hanh Le, Executive Director, Weissberg Foundation
  • Marcelo Bonta, Principal, The Raben Group
  • Gita Gulati-Partee, Founder and President, OpenSource Leadership Strategies

I want to register for the webinar now.

Our fervent hope is that Power Moves will be a transformational resource for our sector and will help many foundations of all types and sizes more effectively contribute to the creation of a fair and just society.

Aaron Dorfman is president and CEO of NCRP. Follow @NCRP on Twitter.