Philanthropic and nonprofit leaders react to latest NCRP research

Written by: NCRP

Date: May 14, 2020

United We Dream and other organizations led by directly impacted people have the expertise necessary to tackle our toughest problems. Philanthropy, especially at the local level, has the opportunity to break the common pattern of defaulting to white-led groups by funding immigrant and refugee organizing and advocacy at the levels that our towns and cities need to thrive.

MAYRA HIDALGO SALAZAR, Development Director
United We Dream (UWD)

When the need is so great and the outcomes desired bend towards effectiveness, that’s when philanthropic forces must come into play.  There is no other time in recent memory when immigrant workers and families have needed this level of engagement and investment from the private and public sectors.

ANGELICA SALAS, Executive Director
Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

Life for immigrants and refugees was precarious even before the current coronavirus pandemic. With fewer public resources available, this data dashboard is an important tool in ensuring that local philanthropy seizes the opportunity to fill in the gaps of support that we need to strengthen communities and turn back the rising xenophobia and stringent federal policies that threaten so much of our shared future.  

DR. ABBAS BARZEGAR, National Research and Advocacy Director
Council on American-Islamic Relations

As a newer national grassroots organization that is built and led by refugees and asylum seekers, it’s often hard to compete for local funding with larger, better-resourced organizations.This dashboard helps level the playing field for our all-volunteer membership, allowing us to advocate more effectively with and for our local and state communities.

Refugee Congress

Local funders play an essential role in filling gaps experienced by their communities, shoring up vital immigrant-serving organizations and ensuring equitable, inclusive recovery in their own backyards. NCRP’s new tool can help funders see where resources are deeply needed and –- most importantly –- take action.
MONICA MUNN, Senior Director
World Education Services Mariam Assefa Fund