How has NCRP influenced your philanthropic practice?

Written by: Lisa Ranghelli

Date: March 23, 2021

In 2016 NCRP approved a 10-year strategic framework. We committed to drive more sector resources to social movements led by under-resourced communities and to advance intersectional racial justice.  

Since then, we’ve been collecting some data and learning as we go. Now, as we reach the midpoint of this ambitious plan, we are taking time to look back over the last 4+ years of programmatic work to reflect on our progress. By summer we will decide on any course corrections for the next five 5 years.  

We often tell grantmakers that they should solicit feedback from the communities they seek to benefit. As part of our midpoint review, we will be seeking feedback from many constituencies in the coming weeks – our nonprofit members and movement organizations, NCRP board members, fellow philanthropy-serving organizations and major donor networks, recipients of our NCRP Impact Awards, consultants that work with foundations, and key sector media.  

And, of course, grantmakers, the primary audience we seek to influence.  

We know that many folks are surveyed-out, and already depleted from the past year’s intertwined pandemics of COVID-19 and the ongoing systemic violence against BIPOC communities. So, we want to make this easy for you.  

We are making a simple call to grantmakers for stories of impact and constructive feedback.  

  • Did you or your grantmaking organization shift practice or allocate grant funds differently, with the help of NCRP’s content or connections? Tell us which NCRP resources you used, and what changed as a result. 
  • Or did you need more from us to make change? Tell us how we can do better in the future. 

Here’s how grantmakers can give us feedback on either or both questions: 

1. Take 2 minutes to answer in Survey Monkey. 

2. Direct message Lisa Ranghelli, senior director of evaluation and learning, on Twitter @lisa_rang with hashtag #NCRPimpact.  

3. Email your answer to the above question(s) at 

4. Make a short audio or video recording and send it to

Please respond by FridayApril 2nd! 

Thanks for helping NCRP gauge our impact and work smarter! After we complete our review process and decide on any strategic adjustments, we will share our lessons and conclusions on this blog.