Ode to our mothers

Written by: Joelle Thieren

These 5 letters
that sound
so sweet to the ear and
indelibly warms our hearts.

credit: Jess X Snow/Forward Together

The one who makes us come alive,
who wakes up
at all hours of the night
to keep watch over us.

who overwhelms us with love
but also the one
we fear
when she is upset.

The glue of the family
that keeps the household going
that guards it from descending
into chaos and disorder.

whose generosity seems endless
who always has a thought for others
but rarely for themselves

credit: Melanie Cervantes/Forward Together

Nothing equals the love of a mother
not even the love we give them back.

and all those who mother
no schedule,
no boss,
no income,
of their own,
only a lifetime emotional and
affectionate commitments.

They are simply
unparalleled and

You can find them in the dictionary
a form of love that combines
assurance and
limitless comfort

credit: MoJuicy/Forward Together

Is it any wonder
That they are the only treatment
that so many of us need
for our ailments?

Like our best generals,
they often defy all odds and whims
to protects their soldiers
No matter the region
No matter the exact day or
the time of the celebration
We honor them!

in one chorus
we wish all mothers around the world
every morning and night
Happy Mother’s Day!!

Joelle Thieren is a certified soccer coach, mother and executive assistant at NCRP. Artwork provided under Creative Commons by Forward Together. Each year, Forward Together’s Mama’s Day project looks to honor, celebrate and lift up the strength of all mothers through art. To find out more out the project and donate to their efforts, visit https://mamasday.org.