Meet the NCRP team


Aaron Dorfman

President and CEO

Aaron Dorfman is president and CEO of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), a research… Read More

Ben Barge

Field Director

As Field Director, Ben strengthens NCRP’s relationships with U.S. social movements and philanthropic organizations to move… Read More

Brandi Collins-Calhoun

Movement Engagement Manager

Brandi Collins-Calhoun is a writer, educator and reproductive justice activist. Brandi attended the North Carolina Agricultural… Read More

Burhan Razi

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Burhan Razi has more than a decade of experience in non-profit management and operations. He oversees… Read More

Elbert Garcia

Director of Strategic Communications

Born and raised in Washington Heights, New York, Elbert Garcia has spent the last two decades… Read More

Jennifer Amuzie

Movements Communications Manager

With a background in traditional and social media, Jennifer Amuzie (pronounced “ah-mooz-yay”) has extensive experience leveraging… Read More

Janay Richmond

Director of Marketing and Membership

Janay comes to the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) by way of the Midwest. A… Read More

Kevin Faria

Senior Director of Foundation Engagement

In his position, Kevin manages relationships with the 130+ grantmakers that provide financial support to NCRP… Read More

Katherine Ponce

Senior Research Associate for Special Projects

As the Senior Associate for Special Projects, Katherine Ponce engages in both qualitative and quantitative research… Read More

Maria De La Cruz

Vice President & Chief External Affairs Officer

A seasoned executive leader, resource mobilizer, and philanthropic organizer, Maria De La Cruz oversees NCRP’s strategic… Read More

Ryan Schlegel

Director of Research

Before joining NCRP in April of 2014, Ryan worked at Cultural Tourism DC, where he nurtured… Read More

Ron Togas

Membership and Marketing Assistant

As the membership and marketing assistant, Ronald Togas works on engagement with NCRP nonprofit members. He… Read More

Senowa Mize-Fox

Senior Movement Engagement Associate for Climate Justice

Senowa Mize-Fox is a climate justice organizer/activist. Prior to working with NCRP as the Senior Movement… Read More

Spencer Ozer

Research and Development Assistant

Spencer joined the NCRP team in December 2019. As the research and development intern, his work… Read More

Stephanie Peng

Movement Research Manager

As Senior Manager for Movement Research, Stephanie is passionate about using data to support communities on… Read More

Timi Gerson

Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Timi Gerson has two decades of experience building content, campaigns and coalitions for change. She oversees… Read More

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