In 2016, NCRP released a new strategic framework to guide our work during the next 10 years.

NCRP Strategic Framework Rollout – Chicago

Our third NCRP Strategic Framework Rollout event was held Dec. 12, 2016, in Chicago. The following themes emerged from the discussion at this event (most popular in bold):

  • Social service programs and other programs that provide a security blanket for the most vulnerable are under attack, especially because Illinois doesn’t have a budget.
  • People in the Chicago region have become desensitized to unacceptable realities like not having a state budget.
  • National foundations neglect the region because they assume that Chicago funders are providing enough support.
  • There is a high level of violence in poor communities.
  • What is the relevancy of foundations in this new world? We need to be bold and courageous, while also healing and inviting a new concept of unity, making room for unlikely allies.
  • Statewide organizations need more support, especially to seed more grassroots organizing outside of Chicago. These are the uncommon allies we can attract.
  • Rapid response funds are needed.
  • More intersectional organizing and funding is needed, especially at the intersection of race and economics, and race/national security/immigration.

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Strategic Framework

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