In 2016, NCRP released a new strategic framework to guide our work during the next 10 years.


Our ninth NCRP Strategic Framework Rollout event was held March 8, 2017 in Detroit. The following themes emerged from the discussion at this event (most popular in bold):

  • Civil society, philanthropy and the public sector have figured out a way to work together to support Detroit, but haven’t figured out how to expand that success of recovery to the neighborhoods.
  • Education reform, small business support and other successes of the Grand Bargain are assets that can benefit the larger city, not just downtown. It needs to be an inclusive recovery.
  • Philanthropy has stepped into some unique spaces in the region: pensions, transit, etc. We will need to recalibrate as government recovers. What will the expectations be for philanthropy in 15 years?
  • Talk about privilege to people with privilege. It needs to be infused overtly into the conversations. Privilege creates two Detroits.
  • Philanthropy needs to take a humility pill. People in the field already know what philanthropy is just learning now. Philanthropy sometimes needs to purposely step back, but there is not a track record for doing that.
  • When marginalized communities challenge what philanthropy is doing in their communities, philanthropy can marginalize them further with backlash.
  • Right now we need to build the infrastructure of social movements. It’s good to see the framework address that.
  • Executive directors of social justice groups are torn between responding to their base in a democratic way and responding to priorities driven by philanthropy.
  • Philanthropy should continue to deepen its commitment to racial equity. The framework calls for this.
  • Philanthropy should be more responsive to communities. The framework outlines how to do this.
  • Philanthropy has been stepping up in the region, but there is still a gap in funding because government funding has declined.

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