In 2016, NCRP released a new strategic framework to guide our work during the next 10 years.

NCRP Strategic Framework Rollout – Los Angeles

Our eighth NCRP Strategic Framework Rollout event was held Feb. 10, 2017 in Los Angeles. The following themes emerged from the discussion at this event (most popular in bold):

  • Regionally, funders and nonprofits need to get on the same page. How are people in the state – and the nation – expecting the Los Angeles region to show up?
  • California is an asset because of its diversity, collaboration methods, and innovated leaders. The state can be an example to others.
  • Sometimes people assume that the diversity in California leads to the progression we’ve seen. Demography is not destiny; systemic investment has built power, not diversity alone.
  • Short- and long-term strategies need to be considered simultaneously. Empowerment takes a longer-term investment.
  • Donors and others want a curated list of where to invest right now! 
  • Storytelling about donors is key to persuading other donors.
  • The number of foundations and the amount being given has increased, but there’s still a lack of diversity.
  • Assess where successful groups in California could have made strategic choices earlier, but didn’t.
  • Nonprofits should hold philanthropy more accountable. Philanthropic dollars are for the public trust. The secret to NCRP’s success is fundamentally about relationships. The framework is really about community building.
  • Is increasing funding for social justice enough? Is something else fundamentally missing from given practices?
  • “Social movement” needs to be defined better. What does it look like? How are people mobilized?

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