In 2016, NCRP released a new strategic framework to guide our work during the next 10 years.

NCRP Strategic Framework Rollout – New York

Our fourth NCRP Strategic Framework Rollout event was held Jan. 12, 2017, in New York City. The following themes emerged from the discussion at this event (most popular in bold):

  • Is philanthropy set up to respond to the needs of the moment?
  • Private funders should use their flexibility to be creative.
  • Philanthropy doesn’t connect to lived experiences.
  • Philanthropy needs to listen and be inclusive.
  • The important issues aren’t new, and there is fear that addressing them is politically tricky.
  • Philanthropy needs to recognize how the new presidential administration makes violence against women and girls more acceptable.
  • The political climate and discussion about the rule of law is an opportunity to link the global to the domestic.
  • Sometimes gender and sexuality take a backseat to issues of race and ethnicity, and philanthropy needs to be more intersectional.
  • The power imbalance among different kinds of foundations needs to be explored; public charities have less power than private foundations.
  • Philanthopy needs to bring more voices into the mix and elevate the voices of the people.
  • Philanthropy’s pressures drive grantees to work outside of their own values. Elevating voices of people is long-term work.
  • Don’t silo! Philanthropy creates silos. How can NCRP bring foundations out of silos?
  • What’s the larger strategy? What are the roles of different funders/kinds of funders?
  • Funding is needed to build capacity.
  • Philanthopy needs to facilitate collaboration across silos by bringing memberships together, providing long-term funding and being less project driven.
  • Philanthropy can sustain the infrastructure, but do we need that?
  • More general operating support is needed.
  • More portfolio diversity is needed.

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