In 2016, NCRP released a new strategic framework to guide our work during the next 10 years.

NCRP Strategic Framework Rollout – Washington, D.C.

Our first NCRP Strategic Framework Rollout event was held Nov. 28, 2016, in Washington, D.C. The following themes emerged from the discussion at this event (most popular in bold):

  • Many states are funding deserts for 501(c)4s, organizing, etc.
  • Funding practices that get in the way of infrastructure building for social change need to be confronted.
  • Funders that didn’t show up need to be given a reason to participate – build community and perhaps NCRP can host more conversations like this.
  • There needs to be more engagement of working class people in civic life.
  • People have been miseducated about our history, and our social and political legacies.
  • We need to be bold and spend the money we need to spend to get it done.
  • Leadership development is capacity development and shouldn’t be neglected.

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Strategic Framework

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