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The Notre Dame fire has a lesson for philanthropy

Written by: Jeanné Isler

Date: April 18, 2019

Lent is one of my favorite times of the year. For many people, it’s about giving up something they like, but the purpose of going without is to give more to those in need. It is… Read More

Emerging data suggest more foundations are supporting the pro-immigrant movement

Written by: Kristina ("Yna") C. Moore

Date: April 10, 2019

With the upsurge in anti-immigrant rhetoric and policy under the Trump administration, more foundations seem to be making grants to more than a dozen pro-immigrant frontline organizations.   Although this is promising news for the pro-immigrant movement, complete data on funding after the 2016 presidential election… Read More

It’s time to turn toward the Heartland

Written by: Scott Nielsen

Date: April 09, 2019

Since the 1980s, an escalating combination of resource extraction, economic globalization and automation, retail consolidation, industrial agriculture, fossil fuel development, and regressive tax and budget policies has hurt many rural and small city communities and economies… Read More

The Blacker the circle

Written by: Valaida Fullwood

Date: April 04, 2019

Jolted by a stream of recent events, I have been reminded of the value and myriad benefits of Black-led giving circles and why I am a member of 1. Hardly alone in this consciousness, I recently… Read More

Fund for the long term while also being responsive to emerging or urgent opportunities: The California Endowment

Written by: Lisa Ranghelli

Date: March 28, 2019

Editor’s note: The following is a Power Moves toolkit Power in Practice example. “I think what’s undervalued and underappreciated is the issue of power and that the root of most social problems that plague our nation – health… Read More

Funding cross-cutting approaches: Groundswell Fund

Written by: Lisa Ranghelli

Date: March 19, 2019

Editor’s note: The following is a Power Moves toolkit Power in Practice example. "We invest in grassroots organizing that advances policy and systems change; that cuts across race, class, gender and sexuality; and that uses brave and innovative… Read More


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