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How we strengthened “Meet the Funders” events to help under-resourced grant applicants

Written by: Debra Fong

Date: October 03, 2016

“Debra, one of your grantees submitted a proposal to me. It was 20 pages long. The grant guidelines stated a maximum of 12 pages!”   “Debra, many of the applications that I have received from API… Read More

Dear white folks in philanthropy: My “Miley, what’s good?” moment

Written by: Caitlin Duffy

Date: September 16, 2016

You may remember last year’s controversy between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus. In response to being excluded from nominations for a Video Music Awards category, Minaj expressed public critique on Twitter about double-standards and racial bias… Read More

The Oregon Community Foundation responds to questions from Oregon’s social justice nonprofits

Written by: Lisa Ranghelli

Date: September 08, 2016

Interest from Oregon nonprofits prompted NCRP to host an information-sharing webinar on August 4 about our latest Philamplify report, Oregon Community Foundation: Can It Build a Statewide Legacy of Equity and Inclusion? View the presentation slides… Read More


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