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Finally, a foundation-commissioned study that actually helps its grantees

Written by: Aaron Dorfman

Date: March 02, 2017

It’s usually a moment of dread for the leader of a nonprofit. One of your major funders commissions a study, and they inform you they want you to spend who-knows-how-many hours working with the consultants they… Read More

Philanthropists need to stand with the most vulnerable and marginalized

Written by: Aaron Dorfman

Date: February 28, 2017

These are incredibly challenging and scary times. Philanthropy has a hugely important role to play in protecting the most vulnerable in our society. Nonprofit organizations of all shapes and sizes are driving the largest mobilizations and… Read More

Calls to eliminate the Johnson Amendment part of a broader strategy to underwrite religious extremism

Written by: Dan Petegorsky

Date: February 22, 2017

In supporting foundations and nonprofits working for long-term, systemic change, one of NCRP’s greatest roadblocks is not the stringency of IRS regulations themselves, but the fear many foundations and their grantees have of running afoul of… Read More

Philanthropy needs to have standards

Written by: Henry Lagrimini

Date: February 17, 2017

Throughout the good and the bad, the lows and highs, markets bull and bear, one thing has remained the same: Charitable giving is part of the America psyche. For better or worse, it’s part of who… Read More

With Good Philanthropy, Anything is Possible

Written by: Aaron Dorfman

Date: February 07, 2017

There are no limits to what philanthropy can accomplish in this world if we dream big, take risks, and set aside our egos so we can truly find ways to work collaboratively. “That’s ridiculous,” some of… Read More

Collaboration and lasting change: With good philanthropy, anything is possible

Written by: Jack Rome

Date: February 07, 2017

A few weeks ago, NCRP’s President and CEO, Aaron Dorfman, presented at Minnesota Council on Foundation’s Annual Conference in Minneapolis, Minn. The conference focused on “philanthropy in action,” and Aaron was determined to send a message… Read More


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