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Disrupting Disparities & Exclusion in Lactation

Written by: Janiya Mitnaul Williams, MA, IBCLC, RLC, CLC

Date: September 16, 2021

Black Breastfeeding Week, created in 2013 by three Black breastfeeding advocates, is the only health campaign with an explicit national focus on making online and local impact on Black maternal and infant health through breastfeeding. Lactation… Read More

Non-Profit and Foundation Leaders Urge Funding Relief Beyond Current Crisis in Afghanistan and Haiti

Written by: Avery Crocker

Date: August 27, 2021

Recent events on the world stage in Afghanistan and Haiti are bringing up a number of issues that should strike a familiar tone in the world of philanthropy. When commentators and leaders criticize the U.S. government… Read More

Making the Invisible, Visible

Written by: Stephanie Peng

Date: August 04, 2021

I started noticing a change on my daily walks a couple months ago: a portrait of an Asian-American woman with the words "We belong here" written on them. These vibrant portraits, created by artist Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya,… Read More

We need to #DisruptPhilanthropyNOW! more than ever

Written by: Lisa Ranghelli

Editor's Note: This post is co-published as part of the #DisruptPhilanthropyNow campaign, being organized by The Within Our Lifetime (WOL) Network. Racial justice leaders and movement organizers are encouraged to submit their stories about racially inequitable… Read More

4 Lessons from A Black Education Network’s partnership with Hewlett Foundation’s Larry Kramer

Written by: Debra Watkins

Date: June 30, 2021

For many nonprofit leaders, relationships with foundation heads, wealthy donors and other philanthropic leaders can be difficult and complicated to manage. Below are 4 lessons that I have gleaned from my unlikely partnership over the years with Larry Kramer of the Hewlett Foundation that might be helpful for these leaders… Read More

Hope – and action – grows in Brooklyn

Written by: Ben Barge

Today NCRP celebrates the announcement from the Brooklyn Community Foundation that going forward, they will ensure that "at least 30 percent of all grants--both in discretionary grantmaking and across Donor Advised Funds" to "explicitly benefit Black… Read More


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