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Understanding equity: A sit down with Social Venture Partners Cleveland

Written by: Wynter Moore

Date: May 18, 2021

NCRP’s Power Moves team chatted recently with Emily Troia, manager of partner engagement and communications for Social Venture Partners (SVP) Cleveland. As NCRP expands its focus beyond grantmaking institutions to influence individual donors, SVP Cleveland’s story offers insight into the ways Power Moves can be adapted by donor networks… Read More

How philanthropy can shift power and ignite change in rural communities

Written by: Jason Baisden, Paula Swepson and Mary Snow

Date: February 01, 2021

Editor's note: Check out this post on NCRP's Medium page for a Q&A with authors Jason Baisden, Paula Swepson and Mary Snow. Many rural areas have strong agricultural industries, deep manufacturing roots and committed local residents.… Read More

What we take into the new year

Written by: Aaron Dorfman

Date: December 22, 2020

There is no doubt that this has been a uniquely challenging year for everyone across all sectors and professions, in ways we couldn’t even have fathomed as the year began.  At NCRP, our work to achieve long-term change and support for under-resourced Black, Indigenous… Read More

Sharing power through grantmaking with the Stupski Foundation

Written by:

Date: November 25, 2020

As our nation struggles with how to commemorate the Thanksgiving holiday amid a pandemic, it's important to remember that we humans have a natural propensity to share with one another even when our resources are limited.   Despite the cynicism and judgments of the… Read More

Fertilizing the grassroots that confront the COVID-19 crisis

Written by: Jeanné Lewis

Date: April 15, 2020

A friend and grassroots organizer recently posted on Facebook that a local women’s shelter needed emergency supplies. Several people replied that they had items to donate. My friend organized a contact-free pickup process. I went to… Read More

How can funders & donors respond to COVID-19 in an equitable and effective way?

Written by: Lisa Ranghelli

Date: April 09, 2020

Until the current COVID19 pandemic and the havoc it is wreaking are history, grantmakers will see a significant part of their work dominated in some form or fashion by the disease.   In fact, barely a month into the national spotlight, Candid maps show that close to $700 million… Read More


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