Movement Investment Project

Discover how grantmakers and donors can fully leverage their dollars and power
in support of social movements building a thriving future for all.

Social justice movements enable people to come together, make their voices heard and change our world for the better.

When faced with stubborn barriers to achieving healthier, more prosperous communities, movement-building is often the best tool available. When the levers of policy aren’t functioning properly, movements build the will and the power to do the job. And no matter a foundation’s focus or geography, movements can help realize huge gains for us all.

Foundations have played important roles in movements of the past, providing critical support amid the ups and downs of long-term movement-building and social change work. Now more than ever, funders and movements have the opportunity to create meaningful change for those who need it most.

Our work is rooted in the experience of frontline movement leaders, like our nonprofit members. Our movement briefs and grant analyses provide a clear picture of where philanthropy can do more. Our capacity building and engagement opportunities expand nonprofits’ and funders’ sense of what is possible.

Whether you’re a funder looking to become more effective or a grassroots organizer trying to pay the bills, NCRP’s Movement Investment Project is for you.


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