Help NCRP advocate for
more funding for gender justice work

NCRP, a philanthropy watchdog, has been working with organizers across the country to increase foundations’ support for movements in a campaign called the Movement Investment Project. Over the past year we have focused our work on increasing philanthropic funding to the pro-immigrant and pro-refugee movement by lifting up the work that movement allies do to protect their communities.

While the work focused on the pro-immigrants and pro-refugee movement is ongoing, we are excited to expand our efforts to include the Reproductive Access and Gendered Violence movement.

NCRP staff is committed to analyzing the gaps in resources and support from philanthropy to those on the ground holding gender justice work. While gender justice is a broad framework, feedback from those on the frontlines and data allowed us to focus on two intersections of the movement (Reproductive Access and Gendered Violence) that have been under-resourced by the sector.

The focus of the Movement Investment projects newest extension will be to provide transparency and an acting catalyst for philanthropic resources and funding to be accessible to those doing work focused on issues ranging from (but not limited too) abortion, birth justice initiatives, and violence against our trans and nonbinary kindred.

In addition to increasing funding for the movements, we also want to influence how funding flows to the movement, like making sure there is more unrestricted and flexible funding.

One of the ways we try to influence foundations to better support the movements is by providing funding data that shows trends in funding, as well as where and to whom the funding is going.

In order to urge funders to support the movement, we need your help in gathering accurate and recent data on how much money foundations have recently given to organizations working on reproductive access and preventing gendered violence.  

The bottom line is: In order to advocate for more funding and more responsive funding for your work, we need to understand how money is moving in the movement ecosystem currently. That data won’t be public for another year at least, so we need your help.


1.       Complete this survey, which should take less than 10 minutes.

2.       If you already have a financial summary/statement that you’ve sent recently as part of a grant application and you’re comfortable sharing that with us, please feel free to send it instead of completing the survey!

3.       Copy and paste your data into the excel template we’ve attached to this email and linked to here.

4.       If you’d like to provide your data over the phone, call our Research Director Ryan Schlegel at 614-805-2959.



Confidentiality: We will not share these data publicly in any way that can be tied back to your organization. For example, we may say “one national/statewide immigrant advocacy organization reported an increase in funding of $XXX in 2019 over 2018.”

If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to call Ryan, our Research Director, at 614-805-2959.