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Pro-Immigrant And Refugee Movement: Movement Investment Project

Immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers are our moms and dads, our teachers and students, our essential workers, our neighbors – and so much more.

Immigrants and refugees are also our movement leaders, working at the intersection of public health, economic security, civil rights, education access, public safety, gender justice and many other issues that philanthropy cares about.

For generations, the pro-immigrant, pro-refugee movement has fought for human rights, equal opportunity and full participation in society for people regardless of legal status. This diverse movement has won critical victories in countering narratives of hate and ensuring justice for all. Yet for over a decade, and especially since 2016, anti-immigrant forces have gained considerable power, threatening people’s lives and endangering our strength and security.

Organizers and nonprofit leaders, read on for tools and insights you can use in your conversations with philanthropy. Funders, click the links below to learn how you can strengthen the power you share and the resources you wield with this movement.

If you’d like to connect regarding our work in the pro-immigrant and refugee movement, please email Ben Barge at bbarge@ncrp.org.


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