Funding Abortion Beyond the Binary

part of Funding The Frontlines: A Roadmap To Supporting Health Equity Through Abortion Access

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Funding The Frontlines: A Roadmap To Supporting Health Equity Through Abortion Access


June 2, 2021
TODAY: Trans parents say medical system isn’t set up for their pregnancies
by Rheana Murray 

March 11, 2021
Ms. Magazine: Abortion Care Is Not Just for Cis Women
by Sachiko Ragosta

November 20, 2017
Rewire News Group: Reproductive Justice as Trans Resilience
by Cazembe Murphy Jackson

May 20, 2019
Forbes: Abortion Is an Issue for Transgender Bodies, Too
by Dawn Ennis

July 8, 2021
Women’s Health: Trans and Non-Binary People Get Pregnant and Have Abortions Too
by Nick Lloyd, as told to Kristin Canning

June 14, 2021
The Guardian: Map of anti-trans laws in the US: Mapping the anti-trans laws sweeping America: ‘A war on 100 fronts’
by Sam Levin, with graphics by Rashida Kamal

Reports & Studies

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Abortion experiences and preferences of transgender, nonbinary, and gender-expansive people in the United States

BMJ Sexual and Reproductive Health
Inclusion of LGBTQ persons in research related to pregnancy risk: a cognitive interview study

Center for American Progress
Protecting and Advancing Health Care for Transgender Adult Communities

Guttmacher Institute:
Not Up for Debate: LGBTQ People Need and Deserve Tailored Sexual and Reproductive Health Care

Movement Advancement Project:
LGBTQ Equality by State: LGBTQ Healthcare policies and laws by state:

National Center for Transgender Equality
The Report of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey

National LGBTQ Task Force:
Queering Reproductive Justice: A toolkit

Funding the Frontlines:
A Roadmap to Supporting Health Equity
through Abortion Access

Abortion and Gender Affirming Care

Abortion Funds

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

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