Funding Abortion Beyond the Binary

part of Funding The Frontlines: A Roadmap To Supporting Health Equity Through Abortion Access

What Philanthropy Must Do

There has long been a demand of philanthropy to invest in movements beyond the binary, and this holds especially true for foundations committed to health equity and philanthropic feminism. Both philanthropic counterparts are dedicated to addressing barriers to reproductive and sexual health while simultaneously functioning as obstacles themselves. They commit to funding practices that exist under the guise of a women-only space, and when philanthropy does not prioritize people of all and no genders, it creates the gaps that transgender and gender expansive (TGE) people often get lost in.

It is possible that grant making can be a threat to people’s safety and lives, which is why it’s critical that funders recognize that cisgender women are not the only people seeking access to reproductive and sexual health care, particularly abortion services.

A reminder, that there is no reproductive justice without centering transgender and gender expansive people; therefore, they too have the right to maintain personal bodily autonomy and decide if, when and how they experience reproductive parenthood.

NCRP has spent the past year reviewing the funding practices and patterns that are harming the same marginalized communities that the sector has argued they are accountable to. We have curated four ways that funders can invest in transgender and gender expansive visibility and divest from their erasure:

Health equity cannot be achieved without addressing the relationship between sex assigned at birth, gender identity and social determinants of health. Gender affirming care is essential in all health spaces, especially abortion care.

Abortion care should comprehensively include transgender and gender expansive communities. Lack of research is a barrier to adequate abortion care and lack of funding for this research creates the opportunity for harm, trauma and stigma.

Gendered language circulates stigma, philanthropic institutions perpetuate shame and narratives as much as any sector. Use your catalyst to guide the funding and conversation of abortion outside of the binary.

Inspire existing grantees to be inclusive and support transgender and gender expansive access and autonomy. Holding your existing portfolios accountable is essential.

Increase the number of transgender and gender expansive people working in your foundations, on your boards and primary partners. They do not need leadership or guidance from the sector. Use your power to bring their perspective and experiences to your colleagues in the sector.

Funding the Frontlines:
A Roadmap to Supporting Health Equity
through Abortion Access

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