2023 NCRP Impact Award Winners

Meet the foundations we that we are honoring in Los Angeles, CA at 2023 NCRP Impact Awards

graphic - Mover and Shaker Award - Solidaire


the Solidaire Network

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Past NCRP Board of Director’s Chair and current President and CEO of the Children of Defense Fund, Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson, introduces the 2023 Mover and Shaker Impact Award, the Solidaire Network.  

Accepting the award is Solidaire Network Executive Director Rajasvini Bhansali. 

Rajasvini Bhansali: Hello, y’all, thank you for that.

Oh my goodness.

Thank you NCRP and the Selection Committee for the award.

We are so humbled and honored and more so because this room is full of Solidaire Network movement and partners. This award is for you. We are a we, a multiplicity of us, standing tall and strong to fund movements that are changing the world. Give yourselves a hand, every one of you who has in some way informed us at Solidaire.

Over and over again in the past ten years — and Farhad is holding the award because he’s one of the cofounders – since we were formed, the Solidaire community demonstrates such immense capacity to collectively mourn, to pause, to feel, to engage in principle dialogue and act with rigor to move the resources to the front lines of justice.

I am so proud that in this moment, Solidaire as a network of donors inspired by our movement formations — I see y’all in the room. Thank you, thank you – inspired by your courage is practicing solidarity. [It] is listening deeply, is agitating within and from philanthropy, is protesting on the streets. Our members are advocating with policymakers. organizing families and institutions, changing how investment and wealth works. Resisting the impulse to let anger and grief turn us on each other and instead, stand united across multiple faiths in our network to stop genocide. To abhor all forms of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, imperialism, exploitation, injustice, repression, and violence.

We are holding each other close. We are holding you close. We are organizing donor members with love.

And I am so proud that we are practicing everyday the values we choose to uplift. We are bringing much more than money to our movement because we know our faiths are named. It is not charity. It is about our collective freedom.
Solidaire members and movement partners are committed to restoring and building systems of interdependence, healing and care for the Mother Earth. We are guided in this work with a ten-year vision and a strategic direction to liberate wealth. For us build lasting left power in the United States.

— I see you, Ashley —

So, that we can have our outsized impact on national and international scales. Having this strategic long-term view tells us that is we can. We are ready as the Solidaire community to match the commitment, the calculation, and the strategic clarity of our movements.

Onwards, yeah.

[Clapping and pointing to staff on stage] Our staff team, our board members, our members, some in the audience. We also feel like we are winningng many awards because Raikes is also a member and Crystal is a member.
All the awards.

Thank you.

Read more about Solidaire Network’s 10-Year Strategy here.