Honest feedback to improve philanthropy

Philamplify, a groundbreaking initiative by NCRP, is where expert assessments and stakeholder feedback meet to amplify the impact of philanthropy. Together, we’re creating a comprehensive picture of philanthropic practices that work and areas that can be improved.

At the center of Philamplify is a series of comprehensive reports conducted by highly regarded researchers assessing foundation grantmaking and operations. Assessments include key findings and recommendations, along with in-depth analysis of foundations’ funding strategies. By keeping these assessments public, Philamplify seeks to build a culture of transparency, mutual accountability and knowledge sharing. turns the assessments into an interactive experience, giving everyone involved with or touched by philanthropy a chance to comment on each assessment’s key recommendations and each foundation’s overall grantmaking approach. Visitors can also provide direct feedback about Philamplify itself.



Institutional philanthropy operates in a bubble, lacking unvarnished input from peers, grantees and other constituents. As a result, most foundations don’t really know if they could be doing their work better, or how. They may gather data and demonstrate a strong commitment to organizational learning, but invariably, important pieces of information remain unshared.

This dynamic does not serve philanthropy or our society well. The cumulative effect of each individual foundation operating this way is that philanthropy as a sector is not as impactful as it could be.

In recent years, sectoral organizations have sought to address this problem by offering tools for peer benchmarking and stakeholder input. While such tools are valuable, they don’t break through the bubble completely. Moreover, these assessments don’t take into account how communities benefit from a foundation’s grantmaking and the kind of long-term change it supports.

The philanthropic community needs a comprehensive, nuanced examination of foundation goals, strategies and practices to understand how a foundation can be most effective.



Philamplify combines expert research on the work foundations do with feedback from foundation and nonprofit leaders and staff, issue experts, community members and more.