Philamplify Assessments

Honest feedback on strategies and practices that help grantmakers boost impact on issues and communities they care about

Comprehensive nuanced assessments of grantmaker practices and operations to maximize philanthropic impact

Philamplify assessments include key findings and recommendations, along with in-depth analysis of foundations’ funding strategies and operations. By keeping these assessments public, Philamplify seeks to build a culture of transparency, mutual accountability and knowledge sharing.

By allowing stakeholders to share feedback anonymously, the assessments enable foundations to find out how they’re really doing.

At the center of Philamplify assessments is unvarnished feedback from grantees, community leaders, grantmaker peers and other stakeholders about which strategies and practices are working and which aren’t. Anonymous surveys and candid conversations facilitate a safe space for stakeholders to tell it how it is without fearing fallout from being honestly critical about a foundation … and that’s important!

Actionable, honest feedback

To date, NCRP has conducted 12 Philamplify assessments of foundations from across the country. Although these assessments were completed with or without foundation cooperation, nearly all of the foundations reported to NCRP that they acted on at least one key recommendation to improve grantmaking and operations.

Philamplify can help your nonprofit and social movement

Philamplify assessments are a learning tool on the various practices that lead to high-impact giving. Foundations that take recommendations to heart do the following:

  • Give nonprofits the support they need to boost capacity, plan multiple years into the future, take advantage of unforeseen opportunities, respond to crises, and advocate and organize with their communities.
  • Leverage financial and non-financial assets to support grantee causes.
  • Incorporate the wisdom and experience of grantees and community leaders in formulating strategies and decision-making.

Nonprofits ready to organize their peers and establish a strong campaign for change should feel empowered to put pressure on foundations to improve their practices and strategies. Tell us which foundation would benefit from an assessment.

To submit your recommendation, contact Janay Richmond at jrichmond[at]

Foundations: Learn from your peers through these Philamplify assessments

Our groundbreaking foundation assessments provide actionable insights that you can apply to your own organization. Learn from the assessment of The California Endowment, The Kresge Foundation, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, Oregon Community Foundation and others.

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All Philamplify Assessments

All Philamplify Assessments

Gain some actionable insights for your own organization from the 12 Philamplify assessments that started it all.

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Power Moves: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice

Power Moves: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice

Uncover how your philanthropy can break through barriers to lasting equitable impact with this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind self-assessment tool.

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Meet the Philamplify Team

Meet the Philamplify Team

Have questions or feedback about Philamplify? We’d like to hear from you. Meet the people behind our Philamplify initiative.

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Which foundation should we assess?

Which foundation should we assess?

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