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Most of the foundations that have signed on to Philanthropy’s Promise crafted their own public statement. But feel free to use this customizable template that you can modify or use as a starting point for creating your own.

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Our goal is to have 250 grantmakers signed on to Philanthropy’s Promise with an estimated 10 percent of annual foundation grantmaking. Currently, more than 200 foundations — representing a combined total of 8.3 percent of annual giving — are part of this community.

The following grantmakers have submitted their statements indicating their intent to use the following two high impact strategies in their philanthropy for the next three years: dedicate at least 50 percent of their giving for the benefit of at least one underserved community, and 25 percent toward supporting policy and civic engagement.

Unless otherwise indicated with an asterisk (*), total annual giving reflects the latest available data from the Foundation Center.


Independent and Family Foundation – I/F
Community Foundations and other Grantmaking Public Charities – C/PC
Corporate Foundation – C
Government Grantmakers – GG
Asterisk (*) – annual giving numbers based on information provided by grantmaker

3ArtsILC/PC$254,400 12/31/2010
A Glimmer of Hope FoundationTXI/F$8,538,464 12/31/2011
Abelard FoundationNYI/F$338,210 12/31/2011
Access Strategies Fund, Inc.MAC/PC$198,280 10/31/2011
AIDS Foundation of ChicagoILC/PC$15,481,003 6/30/2012
AIDS UnitedDCC/PC$8,943,514 12/31/2011
Akonadi FoundationCAI/F$2,977,170 12/31/2010
Albert Pick, Jr. FundILI/F$894,447 12/31/2012
Allegany Franciscan MinistriesFLC/PC$6,501,634 12/31/2011
American Jewish World ServiceNYC/PC$32,239,430 12/31/2011
Appalachian Community FundTNC/PC$212,376 6/30/2011
Arca Foundation, TheDCI/F$2,109,783 12/31/2011
Arcus FoundationNYI/F$31,748,774 12/31/2011
Barbara Lee Family FoundationMAI/F$69,700 12/31/2011
Ben & Jerry’s FoundationVTC$2,412,075 12/31/2012
Blandin FoundationMNI/F$15,221,483 12/31/2011
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota FoundationMNI/F$3,069,477 12/31/2013
Blue Shield of California FoundationCAC$24,522,346 12/31/2011
Boone Family FoundationTXI/F$2,336,905 12/31/2012
Boston Women’s FundMAI/F$355,112 6/30/2011
Bread and Roses Community FundPAC/PC$93,921 6/30/2012
Brooklyn Community FoundationNYC/PC$3,370,114 12/31/2013
California Community FoundationCAC/PC$131,204,000 6/30/2012
California Endowment, TheCAI/F$116,335,347 3/31/2012
Calvert FoundationMDC/PC$3,462,025 12/31/2011
Chinook Fund*COC/PC$100,0006/30/2011
Christensen FundCAI/F$13,512,716 12/31/2011
Citi FoundationNYC$78,000,000 12/31/2012
Cleveland FoundationOHC/PC$78,670,685 12/31/2011
Clowes Fund, Inc., TheINI/F$2,607,150 12/31/2012
Common Counsel FoundationCAC/PC$626,945 12/31/2010
Community Foundation of Greater AtlantaGAC/PC$83,044,000 12/31/2012
Community Foundation of Greater BirminghamALC/PC$15,423,796 12/31/2011
Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc., TheNYC/PC$3,282,421 12/31/2011
Community West FoundationOHC/PC$3,525,974 12/31/2011
Compton Foundation, Inc.CAI/F$3,673,494 12/31/2011
Con Alma HEALTH FoundationNMI/F$526,738 12/31/2011
Connecticut Health FoundationCTI/F$3,700,560 12/31/2011
Conrad N. Hilton FoundationCAI/F$81,683,042 12/31/2011
Consuelo FoundationHII/F$7,500,000 12/31/2012
Consumer Health FoundationDCI/F$2,175,593 12/31/2011
Crossroads FundILC/PC$242,694 6/30/2011
Daphne Foundation, TheNYI/F$668,331 6/30/2010
Dave Thomas Foundation for AdoptionOHC/PC$8,348,919 6/30/2012
Deaconess FoundationMOI/F$3,041,163 12/31/2012
Disability Rights FundMAC/PC$2,284,895 12/31/2012
Discount Foundation, TheDCI/F$1,003,000 9/30/2011
East Bay Community FoundationCAC/PC$67,463,364 6/30/2011
Edward W. Hazen Foundation, Inc., TheNYI/F$1,631,450 12/31/2011
Elton John AIDS Foundation, Inc.NYC/PC$7,153,017 12/31/2010
Endowment for HealthNHI/F$696,545 9/30/2011
Eos FoundationMAI/F$6,254,569 7/1/2012
Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer FoundationDCI/F$6,008,390 12/31/2011
Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. FundCAI/F$28,560,825 12/31/2011
Fairfield County Community FoundationCTC/PC$12,257,546 6/30/2011
First 5 MarinCAGG$1,298,251 12/31/2013
FISA FoundationPAI/F$1,625,345 6/30/2011
Ford FoundationNYI/F$427,625,656 9/30/2012
Foundation for a Healthy KentuckyKYC/PC$1,900,634 12/31/2010
Foundation for LouisianaLAC/PC$2,441,368 6/30/2011
Foundation for the Mid-SouthMSC/PC$1,459,260 12/31/2011
French American Charitable TrustCAI/F$4,000,000 12/31/2009
Full Circle FundCAC/PC$110,000 12/31/2011
Fund for Idaho*IDC/PC$26,80012/31/2010
Fund for Santa Barbara, Inc.CAC/PC$385,013 12/31/2010
Fund for Southern CommunitiesGAC/PC$92,247 6/30/2012
Fund for Women and Girls, TheCTC/PC$431,130 6/30/2011
Funding Exchange, Inc.*NYC/PC$2,958,0106/30/2010
General Mills FoundationMNC$25,401,047 5/31/2011
General Service Foundation, TheCOI/F$2,345,980 12/31/2011
Global Fund for WomenCAC/PC$7,775,761 6/30/2012
Global Greengrants FundCOC/PC$5,329,664 6/30/2011
Grassroots International, Inc.MAC/PC$1,812,060 10/31/2011
Greater Cincinnati FoundationOHC/PC$65,574,030 12/31/2012
Greater New Orleans FoundationLAC/PC$17,905,592 12/31/2011
Groundswell Fund*CAC/PC$2,800,00012/31/2010
Gulf Coast Community FoundationMSC/PC$6,342,036 12/31/2011
H. van Ameringen Foundation, TheNYI/F$5,408,500 12/31/2010
Hagedorn FoundationNYI/F$4,226,065 12/31/2011
Hawai’i People’s FundHIC/PC$63,225 6/30/2011
Haymarket People’s FundMAC/PC$391,163 6/30/2011
Headwaters Foundation for JusticeMNC/PC$524,707 6/30/2011
Hill-Snowdon FoundationDCI/F$1,666,265 12/31/2011
Hispanics in PhilanthropyCAC/PC$1,205,464 12/31/2011
HOW Fund, TheCAI/F$300,000 12/31/2013
Humboldt Area FoundationCAI/F$8,055,147 12/31/2012
Hyams Foundation, Inc.MAI/F$5,504,935 12/31/2011
International Development Exchange (IDEX)CAC/PC$206,401 6/30/2011
Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, Inc.NYI/F$2,165,289 12/31/2010
John M. Lloyd FoundationCAI/F$255,000 12/31/2011
Josephine S. Gumbiner FoundationCAi/F$641,000 12/31/2012
Kapor Center for Social ImpactCAI/F$4,308,055 12/31/2011
Kate B. Reynolds Charitable TrustNCI/F$20,339,564 8/31/2011
Keith and Judy Swayne Family FoundationCAI/F$275,000 12/31/2012
Kentucky Foundation for WomenKYC/PC$205,000 6/30/2013
Kirkpatrick Family Foundation, TheWAI/F$67,500 12/31/2010
Levi Strauss FoundationCAC$8,626,882 12/31/2011
Liberty Bank FoundationCTC$625,891 12/31/2012
Liberty Hill FoundationCAC/PC$4,977,192 9/30/2011
Libra Foundation, TheILI/F$2,609,200 12/31/2011
Maine InitiativesMEC/PC$551,713 9/30/2011
Maine Women’s FundMEC/PC$55,000 6/30/2011
Marguerite Casey FoundationWAI/F$25,772,794 12/31/2011
Marie C. & Joseph C. Wilson FoundationNYI/F$1,022,322 12/31/2011
Marin Community FoundationCAC/PC$59,136,852 6/30/2012
Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, TheNCI/F$7,024,250 12/31/2011
McCune FoundationCAI/F$870,844 2/28/2011
McKay Foundation, TheCAI/F$709,681 12/31/2011
McKenzie River Gathering FoundationORC/PC$602,721 6/30/2011
McKnight Foundation, TheMNI/F$91,328,087 12/31/2011
Melville Charitable Trust, TheMAI/F$4,559,707 12/31/2011
Mertz Gilmore FoundationNYI/F$5,735,905 12/31/2012
Metta FundCAI/F$4,995,828 12/31/2013
Meyer Memorial Trust, TheORI/F$22,264,355 3/31/2012
Mile High United WayCOC/PC$20,383,703 6/30/2013
Minneapolis Foundation, TheMNC/PC$42,723,917 3/31/2012
Montana Community FoundationMTC/PC$2,567,904 6/30/2012
Ms. Foundation for WomenNYC/PC$3,486,586 6/30/2011
Mt. Sinai Health Care FoundationOHC/PC$6,452,454 12/31/2011
Needmor Fund, TheOHI/F$1,639,809 12/31/2011
Nellie Mae Education FoundationMAI/F$12,260,341 12/31/2012
NEO Philanthropy (formerly Public Interest Projects)NYC/PC$28,211,321 12/31/2013
New Mexico Community FoundationNMC/PC$8,752,768 12/31/2011
New World Foundation, TheNYC/PC$13,136,047 9/30/2011
New York FoundationNYI/F$3,515,067 12/31/2011
New York Women’s FoundationNYC/PC$4,042,561 12/31/2011
Norman Foundation, TheNYI/F$799,123 12/31/2010
North Star FundNYC/PC$4,158,235 6/30/2011
Northwest Area FoundationMNI/F$9,628,990 3/31/2011
Northwest Health FoundationORC/PC$1,912,443 12/31/2010
NoVo FoundationNYI/F$49,221,448 12/31/2010
Open Society Foundations*NYI/F$453,000,00012/31/2010*
Overbrook Foundation, TheNYI/F$6,114,552 12/31/2011
Peace Development FundMAC/PC$1,047,687 6/30/2011
Penney Family FundCAI/F$485,000 12/31/2010
Peppercorn FoundationWAI/F$218,000 12/31/2011
PFundMNC/PC$126,000 6/30/2011
Pittsburgh Foundation, ThePAC/PC$41,545,328 12/31/2012
Poise FoundationPAC/PC$568,707 12/31/2011
Potlatch FundWAC/PC$260,700 12/31/2012
Pride Foundation, TheWAC/PC$1,072,174 3/31/2012
Proteus Fund, Inc.MAC/PC$6,428,380 12/31/2011
Public Welfare Foundation, Inc.DCI/F$22,051,678 10/31/2011
Quixote Foundation, Inc.WAI/F$1,068,080 12/31/2011
Rappaport Family Foundation, TheCAI/F$428,650 12/31/2011
Raymond John Wean Foundation, TheOHI/F$2,801,467 12/31/2012
Retirement Research FoundationILI/F$448,053 12/31/2011
Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, Inc.NYI/F$51,116,978 10/30/2011
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, TheNJI/F$386,290,492 12/31/2011
Rosenberg FoundationCAI/F$1,891,660 12/31/2011
Saint Luke’s FoundationOHI/F$9,757,676 12/31/2011
Saint Paul Foundation, TheMNC/PC$56,625,768 12/31/2011
San Diego Foundation for ChangeCAC/PC$407,000 12/31/2011
San Francisco Foundation, TheCAC/PC$82,473,000 6/30/2011
Santa Fe Community Foundation, TheNMC/PC$2,474,606 12/31/2011
Scherman Foundation, Inc., TheNYI/F$2,405,360 12/31/2012
Schott Foundation for Public EducationMAI/F$2,046,757 6/30/2012
SemillasMXC/PC$1,947,904 12/31/2011
Silicon Valley Community FoundationCAC/PC$249,072,000 12/31/2011
Skillman Foundation, TheMII/F$17,354,036 12/31/2011
Social Justice Fund NorthwestWAC/PC$323,336 12/31/2011
Solidago FoundationMAC/PC$2,252,366 12/31/2011
Southern Partners FundGAC/PC$222,776 12/31/2010
Texas Muslim Women’s FoundationTXC/PC$98,828 12/31/2012
The Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher FoundationMII/F$11,692,52812/31/2012
The Pollination ProjectCAC/PC$350,000 6/30/2014
The Seattle FoundationWAC/PC$55,209,721 12/31/2012
Third Wave FundNYC/PC$482,167 12/31/2010
Three Rivers Community FoundationPAC/PC$48,726 6/30/2011
Tides FoundationCAC/PC$95,948,974 12/31/2011
Tiwahe FoundationMNC/PC$45,384 12/31/2011
Toledo Community FoundationOHC/PC$12,881,253 12/31/2012
Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock and its Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program, The*NYC/PC$11,300,0006/30/2010
United Way of Central IowaIAC/PC$18,982,729 6/30/2011
United Way of Greater Los AngelesCAC/PC$42,612,930 6/30/2010
United Way of Metropolitan AtlantaGAC/PC$72,535,704 6/30/2010
United Way of New York CityNYC/PC$59,285,611 6/30/2010
United Way of Southeast LouisianaLAC/PC$18,757,014 12/31/2010
United Way of the Bay AreaCAC/PC$21,217,844 6/30/2010
Urgent Action FundCAC/PC$661,779 12/31/2011
van Ameringen Foundation, Inc., TheNYI/F$5,309,000 12/31/2011
Vermont Community FoundationVTC/PC$14,855,27812/31/2012
W.K. Kellogg FoundationMII/F$291,212,363 8/31/2011
Wallace Foundation, TheNYI/F$59,706,655 12/31/2011
Wallace Global Fund, TheDCI/F$7,441,000 12/31/2011
Walter & Elise Haas FundCAI/F$12,998,535 12/31/2011
Warner FoundationNCI/F$413,000 12/31/2011
Washington Area Women’s FoundationWAC/PC$539,140 12/31/2011
Washington Progress FundWAC/PC$556,000 12/31/2010
Weingart FoundationCAI/F$641,000 12/31/2012
Western States Center*ORC/PC$395,00012/31/2010
Whitman Institute, TheCAC/PC$1,300,000 6/30/2012
Wieboldt FoundationILI/F$648,700 12/31/2011
William Caspar Graustein Memorial FundCTI/F$2,000,00012/31/2019
Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, TheARI/F$5,652,319 12/31/2011
Wisconsin Community FundWIC/PC$80,401 6/30/2011
Women Donors NetworkCAC/PC$374,150 12/31/2010
Women’s Foundation of California, TheCAC/PC$3,311,587 6/30/2011
Women’s Foundation of MinnesotaMNC/PC$1,435,072 3/31/2012
Women’s Fund of Western MassachusettsMAC/PC$150,000 10/17/2011
Women’s Funding AllianceWAC/PC$435,301 6/30/2011
Women’s Funding NetworkCAC/PC$120,651 12/31/2010
Woods Fund of ChicagoILI/F$2,530,450 12/31/2011
Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Inc.NCI/F$15,643,505 12/31/2011
Latino Community FundGAC/PC$35,00012/31/2016


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