Ignite the power of your philanthropy for equity and justice

Discover how well you’re building, sharing and wielding power
for maximum impact on issues and communities you care about.

Are you leveraging the full power of your foundation for equity and justice?

Now you can find out if your strategies and practices:

  • Catalyze equitable, long-term solutions instead of temporary fixes.
  • Earn the trust of peers, partners and the communities you serve.
  • Position you as a legitimate, influential and relevant voice on issues you care about.

POWER MOVES: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice is a complete self-assessment toolkit to determine how well you are building, sharing and wielding power and identify ways to transform your programs and operations for lasting, equitable impact.

It includes ready-to-use guides, insightful anecdotes and comprehensive resources to help you on your power journey towards high-impact giving.

 Yes, I want to amp up my foundation’s impact to solve critical issues that our communities are facing today.

“Seeking and listening to our stakeholders’ feedback has strengthened Kresge’s relationships with communities and our grantmaking strategies. Power Moves offers funders a suite of tools to gather feedback and reflect on how to use their power more effectively to advance inclusive, equitable processes and outcomes.”

Chera Reid
Director of Strategic Learning, Research and Evaluation
The Kresge Foundation

Power Moves Advisory Committee Member

Finally, a practical self-assessment guide on a key ingredient of philanthropic impact for equity and justice: power

Like most grantmakers who care about improving the health, safety and security of our communities, you want to know that your work is making a difference on the issues and communities you care about. So you turn to periodic assessments or evaluations to determine how well you’re doing.

But traditional assessments often overlook the critical relationship between power and equity in achieving lasting equitable impact.

POWER MOVES is the only self-assessment guide that will help you view your strategies and practices through the lens of the power-equity relationship. 

“With Power Moves, NCRP is stepping up once again to help the field understand what’s needed at this important moment to take meaningful action to advance social justice. As much as the tools and stories can guide foundations to more effective grantmaking, it also reveals the depth of NCRP’s knowledge and relationships in the sector.”

Suprotik Stotz-Ghosh
Senior Advisor, Racial Equity
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Power Moves Advisory Committee Member

Power & Equity: The not-so-secret recipe

Power & Equity: The not-so-secret recipe

Uncover the essential ingredients in Power Moves: three dimensions of power will amp up your impact on equity and justice.

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Meet the leading experts and practitioners from the sector who guided the development of Power Moves from beginning to end.

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Am I ready for a Power Moves journey?

Am I ready for a Power Moves journey?

Each foundation is at its own stage of learning and development. Find out if your organization is ready to embark on its Power Moves journey with this Readiness Assessment Checklist.

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The Power Moves team answers your frequently asked questions about Power Moves.

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