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NCRP Blog Posts
NCRP Publications Power Dimension
As the South Grows, by Ryan Schlegel and Stephanie Peng  
As the South Grows: So Grows the Nation, by Ryan Schlegel and Stephanie Peng  
The gentrification of movements: 4 Ways funders can stop putting raisins in the potato salad, by Vanessa Daniel  
Implicit Bias and Its Role in Philanthropy and Grantmaking, by john a. powell  
Leveraging Limited Dollars, by Lisa Ranghelli  
Pass the Reins: Shifting Decision-Making Power in Philanthropy  
Smashing Silos in Philanthropy: Multi-Issue Advocacy and Organizing for Real Results, by Niki Jagpal and Kevin Laskowski  
Other Sector Publications Power Dimension
Akonadi Foundation, Ecosystem Grantmaking: A Systemic Approach to Supporting Movement Building  
Alliance for Justice, Philanthropy Advocacy Playbook
Alliance Magazine, Five reasons to support participatory grantmaking, by Rose Longhurst  
Andrus Family Philanthropy Program, Social Justice Philanthropy Toolkit  
Annie E. Casey Foundation, Race Matters Toolkit User’s Guide and Racial Equity Impact Assessment  
Arabella Advisors:
 *     A Checklist of Potential Actions: Incorporating DEI in Your Grant-Making Process  
  *     Eliminating Implicit Bias in Grantmaking Practice, by Nancy Chan and Pamela Fischer  
 *     Advocacy Framework  
ABFE and Hill-Snowdon Foundation, The Case for Funding Black-Led Social Change, by Susan Taylor Batten and Nat Chioke Williams  
Board Source, The Importance of Diversity (and Inclusion): A Call to Action for Community Foundations, by Clotilde Perez-Bode Dedecker and Alice Jacobs  
Building Movement Project, Systems Change with an Equity Lens, by Natalie Bambad and Noelia Mann  
Center for Effective Philanthropy:
 *     Barbs, Jabs, and the Roles of Community Foundations, by Phil Buchanan  
 *     Relationships Matter: Program Officers, Grantees, and the Keys to Success  
 *     What Donors Value: How Community Foundations Can Increase Donor Satisfaction, Referrals, and Future Giving  
Center for Evaluation Innovation, Resources on advocacy evaluation  
CF Leads, Community Leadership Framework, Guide & Workbook  
Chronicle of Philanthropy, Ford Shifts Grant Making to Focus Entirely on Inequality, by Alex Daniels  
Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth and California Tomorrow, Leading By Example: Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Community Foundations  
Community Tool Box, Collaborating for Equity and Justice Toolkit   
D5 Coalition, various toolkits on diversity, equity and inclusion  
DivestInvest, Join the global investor movement  
Edgar Villanueva: Decolonizing Wealth: Indigenous Wisdom to Heal Divides and Restore Balance

For more info:

Stanford Social Innovation Review, Money as Medicine, by Edgar Villanueva

Equitable Evaluation, Philanthropy’s Next Step to Equity  
Equity in the Center:
 *     Awake to Woke to Work: Building a Race
Equity Culture
 *     The Role of Senior Leaders in Building a Race Equity Culture, by Karrien Suarez (published on The Bridgespan Group website)  
Exponent Philanthropy:
 *     Small Foundation Leadership: A Portrait Emerges, by Andy Carroll  
 *     Why We Convene Grantees and Convening to Build Capacity, by Elaine Gast Fawcett  
 *     Fakequity blog   
 *     Talking about Race without Talking about Power is Useless, by Erin Okuno   
 *     Presence isn’t Power – Shifting Power to Create Change, by Erin Okuno  
Ford Foundation, Participatory Grantmaking: Has Its Time Come?, by Cynthia M. Gibson  
Foundation Center GrantCraft:
 *     A Statement of Values to Guide Philanthropic Collaboration  
 *     Advocacy Funder Collaboratives  
 *     Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency  
 *     Supporting Grantee Capacity: Strengthening Effectiveness Together  
*      From Words to Action: A Practical Philanthropic Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, by Barbara Chow    
*      Open for Good: Knowledge Sharing to Strengthen Grantmaking, by Clare Nolan, Janet Camarena and Jen Bokoff  
*      How Community Philanthropy Shifts Power: What Donors Can Do to Help Make That Happen, by Jenny Hodgson and Anna Pond   
*      Deciding Together: Shifting Power and Resources Through Participatory Grantmaking, by Jen Bokoff and Cynthia Gibson   
Foundation Center Issue Lab, Risk & Philanthropy  
Foundation Center:
 *     GlassPockets  
 *    Open For Good  
Foundation Review:
 *     Foundations Don’t Know What They’re Risking, by Maya Winkelstein and Shelley Whelpton  
 *     Paying Attention to White Culture and Privilege: A Missing Link to Advancing Racial Equity, by Gita Gulati-Partee and Maggie Potapchuk  
 *     Social Movements and Philanthropy: How Foundations Can Support Movement Building, by Barbara Masters and Torie Osborn  
 *     The Urgency of Now: Foundations’ Role in Ending Racial Inequity, by Gary L. Cunningham, Marcia L. Avner, and Romilda Justilen  
Funders for Justice, Divest/Invest: From Criminalization to Thriving Communities Toolkit  
Funders for LGBTQ Issues, Data Collection on sexual orientation and gender identity  
Fund The People, Fund the People Toolkit  
Funders’ Committee for Civic Participation, Power Impact Team  
Funders Committee For Civic Participation and National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, Civic Engagement Matters Workshop Toolkit  
Funders for Reproductive Equity, Authentic & Equitable Partnerships: A Framework for Building Movements, by Gita Gulati-Partee and Maggie Potapchuk    
Georgetown University, Role of Philanthropy in Advancing Racial Equity: Impact Assessment of Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers’ Putting Racism on the Table Series, by Edward Weizenegger    
Grantmakers for Effective Organizations:
 *    Culture Resource Guide  
 *     Do Nothing About Me Without Me: An Action Guide for Engaging Stakeholders  
 *     Great Power, Great Responsibility: Grantmakers’ Role as Conveners (membership required)  
 *     Power Analysis  
 *     Smarter Grantmaking Playbook: Collaborate for Greater Impact  
 *     Systems Grantmaking Resource Guide  
 *     What We Care About: Collaboration and Building Collaboration from the Inside Out (membership required)  
Inside Philanthropy, What Love Looks Like in Philanthropy: Shared Power and Transparency, by F. Javier Torres and Leila Tamari  
Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, Building Power Across the Impact Investment Field: Key Takeaways from Our Investment Advisor Search  
Justice Funders:
 *     Choir Book: A Framework for Social Justice Philanthropy  
 *     The Path to Liberation – how to walk the talk of equity rather than white supremacy in philanthropy, by Jennifer Near   
 *     For more posts in the “Liberate Philanthropy” series, visit Justice Funders’s Medium page.   
Living Cities, C.A.R.E.: Conversations about Racial Equity    
Mission Investors Exchange:
 *     About Impact Investing  
 *     Community Foundation Field Guide to Impact Investing  
 *     Essentials of Impact Investing: A Guide for Small-Staffed Foundations  
MP Associates and Open Source Leadership Strategies, Authentic and Equitable Partnerships: A Framework for Building Movements, by Gita Gulati-Partee and Maggie Potapchuk  
MP Associates and Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity, Transforming Organizational Culture Assessment Tool  
MP Associates, Racial Equity Tools, by Maggie Potapchuk  
Neighborhood Funders Group, Journey Towards Intersectional Grant-Making, by Mari Ryono  
NonprofitAF, Trust-based grantmaking: What it is, and why it’s critical to our sector, by Vu Le  
Nonprofit Vote, Voter Engagement Toolkits for Community and Private Foundations  
North Star Fund, Change Not Charity: The Story of the Funding Exchange, by Theodora Lurie  
Open Road Alliance:
 *     Open Road Alliance, Risk Management Toolkit  
 *     Open Road Alliance, Navigating Risk in Impact-Focused Philanthropy  
PEAK Grantmaking:
 *     Assessing the How of Grantmaking, by Jessica Bearman  
 *     Does Your Process Invite Applicants In or Keep Them Out?, by Jessica Bearman  
 *     Project Streamline  
 *     Successful Structures: Rethinking the Role of Grants Management  
 *     Weaving Equity Into Grants Management, by  Michelle Greanias  
Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity:
 *     Catalytic Change: Lessons Learned from The Racial Justice Grantmaking Assessment, in partnership with Race Forward (formerly Applied Research Center)  
 *     Critical Issues Forum, with various articles on tackling structural racism through grantmaking  
 *     Grantmaking with a Racial Equity Lens, in partnership with GrantCraft, a service of Foundation Center  
 *     Reflections from the Inside: Philanthropic Leaders on Racial Justice and Grantmaking, by Rick Cohen  
 *     Transforming Organizational Culture Assessment Tool, in partnership with MP Associates  
Philanthropy News Digest, Addressing Racial Equity with an Organizational Change Lens, by Yaro Fong-Olivares  
Philanthropy New York, Many Funders are Pursuing Legal Advocacy, Here’s How and Why, by Jared Raynor and Deepti Sood  
Putnam Consulting Group:
 *     The Road to Achieving Equity, by Kris Putnam-Walkerly and Elizabeth Russell  
 *     To Convene or Not? 4 ways to make the most of coming together, by Kris Putnam-Walkerly  
Rockefeller Foundation and the Monitor Institute, Gather: The Art and Science of Effective Convening, by Noah Rimland and Anna Muoio  
Sillerman Center for the Advancement of Philanthropy, From Beneficiary to Active Agent: How Youth-Led Grantmaking Benefits Young People, Their Communities, and the Philanthropic Sector., by Sheryl Seller  
Strategic Concepts in Organizing an Policy Education, Introduction to Power Analysis and Power Analysis Survey  
Surdna Foundation, Social Justice at the Surdna Foundation  
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Convening with Care, by Bernadette Sangalang  
The Giving Practice, Philanthropy’s Reflective Practices: Build What you Bring to the Work  
The Lafayette Practice, Who Decides?  
The New York Times, The Effect of Intersectionality in the Workplace, by Alina Tugend  
The San Francisco Foundation, Advancing Equity: Reimagining the Ways a Community Foundation Delivers on Its Mission     
Unicorns Unite: How Nonprofits & Foundations Can Build Epic Partnerships, by Jessamyn Shams-Lau, Jane Leu, Vu Le  
Western States Center, Assessing Our Organizations – Racial Justice Assessment Tool  
Whitman Institute, Trust-Based Philanthropy  

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POWER MOVES:  Your essential philanthropy assessment guide

POWER MOVES: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide

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