Earn the trust of your peers, partners and the communities you serve

With POWER MOVES, you can now discover how well your grantmaking strategies and practices
position you as an integral member of the ecosystem of changemakers by
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Embark on a Power Moves journey to uncover how well you are nurturing transparent, trusting relationships and co-creating strategies with stakeholders.

Our research shows that funders who successfully hand over some control of their inherent power follow these guidelines:

  • They are very responsive, inclusive and transparent in communicating with current and prospective grantees.
  • They invest in the success of their grantees.
  • They solicit input from communities they seek to benefit, going beyond the usual suspects.

How well are you sharing power?

Find out now. Download Power Moves: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice.

“As a foundation committed to health equity, we are always looking for tools and examples of best practices to help us become more effective grantmakers. Whether you seek to use your grantmaking dollars to advance equity, build authentic and trusting relationships with your grantees or leverage all your assets and resources to catalyze change, POWER MOVES is a resource that can guide the way.”

Tina Eshaghpour
Director of Organizational Learning and Evaluation
The California Wellness Foundation

Power Moves Advisory Committee Member

Inside the Sharing Power section, you’ll find:

1. Sharing Power in Action: California Civic Participation Funders.

2. Kick-off group exercise for your assessment team, to explore questions such as:

  • What does it mean to each of us to “share power” with grant partners?
  • Who do we define as our community or constituency beyond grantees?
  • What assumptions or fears do we have about building trust and sharing power?

3. Sample questionnaires to guide the collection of internal data and external feedback vital to your assessment. Topics include:

  • How burdensome are our application, reporting and evaluation processes for applicants and grantees? Do they pose any unintentional barriers for organizations led by people of color, people with disabilities or other marginalized groups?
  • How does our foundation gain honest (preferably anonymous) input and feedback from grant partners and applicants? Do we analyze the feedback with an equity lens? How do we act on this feedback?

4. Discussion guide to help you make meaning of the synthesized internal and external data and feedback and engage in group reflection. Examples of questions include:

  • In what ways is the foundation demonstrating trust in its grant partners? How are grantees showing they trust us?
  • What do other community stakeholders think of the foundation, and do our prioritized communities see us as a true partner?
  • How would sharing power more than the foundation does now help us better achieve our goals? What would be reasons not to further share power?

5. Next steps tools, including:

  • A visual aid to see where you are on the continuum, from beginning to share power to fully sharing power.
  • Several tips for implementing new power-sharing strategies, such as: honing cultural competency, humility and skill in developing honest relationships.

Not sure if you’re ready for a Power Moves self-assessment?

Find out with this Readiness Assessment Checklist. And if you’re not yet ready, the checklist offers next steps to get you closer to a Power Moves self-assessment.

We’re here to help.

Don’t know where to start? Our Philamplify team can help you on your power journey for equity and justice. Contact us at (202) 387-9177 x31 or powermoves@ncrp.org.

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Catalyze equitable long-term solutions instead of temporary fixes.



Be a legitimate, influential and relevant voice on issues you care about.

POWER MOVES: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice

POWER MOVES: Your essential philanthropy assessment guide for equity and justice

Uncover how your philanthropy can break through barriers to lasting equitable impact with this comprehensive, one-of-a-kind self-assessment toolkit.

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