Whether you’re a nonprofit, a grantmaker or an individual donor, you have the power to encourage grantmakers to strengthen marginalized communities. Find out how you can make a difference!

Philanthropy is shifting, because of the involvement of organizations and donors like you. The number of serious social justice funders has been increasing, and grantmakers are more often prioritizing marginalized communities. The evidence is clear that grantmakers, nonprofits, and individual donors advocating and organizing for change have made the difference on some of the biggest societal issues of our time. Along with the work of our members and supporters, NCRP’s work has contributed to that shift over the years. We’re building on our accomplishments by:

  • Deepening knowledge through persuasive, evidence-based research and reports.
  • Placing a greater emphasis on supporting movements by engaging members and allies more deeply in our work.
  • Providing authentic and constructive feedback about how well donors and foundations act to benefit those with the least wealth and power.
  • Advocating for public policies that are consistent with NCRP’s vision of a fair and just society.

Nonprofit NCRP Members

Being a nonprofit member of NCRP means being a part of a community that’s united for social justice and progress for humankind. Join NCRP and our member nonprofit organizations in our day-to-day fight for a more equitable society and responsive philanthropic sector.



Foundations and other grantmakers can show your leadership and support for high-impact philanthropy by joining NCRP and our grantmaker members and supporters working to effect change for marginalized communities.


Individual Donors

Join others who share your values and help us promote philanthropy that is effective for long-term change and responsive to the deepest need in our community.