Annual Philanthropy Relationship Survey

Hello NCRP Members!

Thank you for your interest in submitting your funding estimates and insights into your relationship with philanthropy to NCRP for our nonprofit membership program. Above is a video that provides context for the information we are asking you to provide in the survey.

Here, you can access the full list of questions that are featured in the survey. Alternatively, if you prefer to reference a summary of what you should expect instead, you can also find that below. 


Survey summary

Page 1 = Survey instructions + confidentiality statement

Page 2 = Very basic information about the survey taker

Page 3 = Information on % of foundation grant revenue

Page 4 = Information on % of mega donor revenue

Page 5 = Information on % of corporate donor revenue

Page 6 = General operating support and multi-year support % estimates

Page 7 to 12 = Questions about your experience with funders/relationship with philanthropy

Page 13 = Question to discover which information about philanthropy would be most valuable to you

Page 14 = Feedback on the survey itself. This page will be removed if we decide to launch this process as a part of membership


How to save the form?

In the event that you need to come back to the form later or send it to a colleague to finish the survey, there is a little checkbox on the top for you to save it and resume later. In order to do that, you’ll have to give your email and create a password.


Once you click save, you will be emailed a link to fill out the same email and password to return to your form. You can also click here to access the link.


Questions about this process and the content of the survey can be directed toward our movement research manager, Stephanie Peng, You can also reach out to our membership and marketing associate, Ron Togas, for assistance.