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The role of foundations in promoting a “pro-immigrant movement”

A new report examines the role of foundations in promoting a “pro-immigrant movement.” Philanthropies need to do more to meet the challenges that immigrant communities face, according to the report by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy. More also… Read More

Philanthropy Has Changed How It Talks — But Not Its Grantmaking — in the Decade Since NCRP’s ‘Criteria’ Was Released

It's been ten years since NCRP released Criteria for Philanthropy at Its Best. As I reflect on the animated response to the report, I'm struck by how far the sector has come since 2009 — and, paradoxically,… Read More

Council on Foundations should increase its financial help to Florida immigrants

Addressing symptoms with Band-Aid approaches is not cost-efficient nor effective. Systems must be named, visibilized and addressed head on. According to recent research by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, foundations have under-invested in the movement for immigrant… Read More

Florida’s Immigrant Justice Movement Is an Untapped Opportunity for U.S. Foundations that Want Real Impact

For Immediate Release                                                                 April 30, 2019                                                                                     Florida’s Immigrant Justice Movement Is an Untapped Opportunity for U.S. Foundations that Want Real Impact Florida among geographic regions where grant dollars are scarce while threats to immigrant communities are… Read More

The Progressive Funders Looking to Build Power Across Divides in the American Heartland

The Heartland Fund, and the foundations and consultants behind it, are trying to facilitate a turnaround of decades of philanthropic neglect of rural and suburban areas and small cities, starting with organizing and issue advocacy in… Read More

More US Foundations Fund Pro-Immigrant Movement

The anti-immigration rhetoric and policy that have surged during the Trump presidency have not gone unnoticed by the U.S. philanthropic community. Research released this month by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy indicates that less than 1%… Read More


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