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Jennifer Choi to Join NCRP as Vice President and Chief Content Officer

For Immediate Release Jennifer Choi to Join NCRP as Vice President and Chief Content Officer Washington, D.C.  (2/23/2017) – The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) today announced that Jennifer Choi, program officer at Robert R.… Read More

Georgia Charities Risk Losing Millions to One Philanthropy’s Risky Investment Strategy

If a friend told you to put 85 percent of your retirement savings in the stock of one corporation, you would probably think he or she was crazy. It wouldn’t matter to you how well that… Read More

Do arts grant-givers overlook artists of color?

In the Twin Cities, just over 5 percent of cultural nonprofits receive 77 percent of all arts grants and donations. Only a fraction of that money goes to organizations by and about people of color. As… Read More

The National Interest: All Money Ain’t Good Money: The Role of White Foundations in Social Justice Movements

There are wealthy white philanthropists in every city saying that they want to change urban education, but few are able to save their own organizations from whiteness. That’s because few funders are serious about social justice.… Read More

NCRP highlights community values in strategic framework

In its 10-year strategic framework, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy condemns giving that ignores community expertise or gets in the way of infrastructure-building for social change. Read the entire article. Read More

With Smart Philanthropy, Anything Is Possible

There are no limits to what philanthropy can accomplish if we dream big, take risks, and set aside our egos and look for ways to work collaboratively. "That's ridiculous," some of you may be thinking." Philanthropic… Read More


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