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Foundations Are Losing the Fight Against Climate Change

Progressive foundations want to empower liberal activists. Aaron Dorfman, chief executive of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, says: "If we’re going to win on policy, we’ve got to change strategy, we’ve got to build a… Read More

Philanthropy in the South: The Urgent Case and Some Guidance for Foundations and Nonprofits

Through the As the South Grows initiative, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy and Grantmakers for Southern Progress have periodically reminded foundations that funding in the South does not match either its need or potential, but if last month’s voter turnout in Alabama did… Read More

NCRP: Calling for Grantmakers to Step Up to Help Secure a Positive Future

For Immediate Release NCRP: Calling for Grantmakers to Step Up to Help Secure a Positive Future “Responsive Philanthropy” looks at ‘outrage giving’, The Emerson Collective, racial disparity in environmental philanthropy and participatory grantmaking Washington, D.C.  (2/08/2018)… Read More

America’s Superrich Made Near-Record Contributions to Charity in 2017

The surge in big gifts comes at a time when average Americans are curtailing their charity, according to a Chronicle analysis of tax data. The decline in giving since the Great Recession has raised fears that the country’s economic… Read More

Systemic Failure: Four Reasons Philanthropy Keeps Losing the Battle Against Inequality

Other critics who’ve weighed in on the equity issue, including NCRP's four decades of work, have often focused on a lack of investment in movement building and other efforts to empower low-income Americans. Read the entire… Read More

Foundations Can’t Lose Sense of Urgency Against Trump in 2018

The challenges for foundations — and the nonprofits they support — will be stark in 2018, given all that has happened in the past year. Hurricanes and wildfires ravaged dozens of American communities. White supremacists marched… Read More


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