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Participatory Grantmaking: Power to the People

Participatory grantmaking has support from the left, as you would expect: Practitioners tend to focus on social justice and human rights. The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy hosted a webinar on the topic last summer. Read the entire… Read More

“We Get the Crumbs.” How Foundations Overlook Climate-Vulnerable Communities in the South

Resilience is a growing interest among a set of foundations, and it’s a topic that’s becoming more pressing in the face of natural disasters and rising waters. At the same time, according to one recently released… Read More

Philanthropy Must Empower Front-Line Communities to Build True Resilience in the South

“Philanthropy can take words and use them so much that they become meaningless,” remarks Rev. Mac Legerton, executive director of the Center for Community Action, based in Eastern North Carolina, in a report from the National… Read More

A Focus on Equity is Changing One Northwest Funder’s Environmental Giving

It also based these changes largely on inputs from stakeholders, with more than 1,000 local nonprofit leaders taking part in surveys and interviews that informed the overhaul. The foundation landed one of NCRP’s 2017 Impact Awards… Read More

Report Calls for Funding to Address Climate Change in the South

To strengthen climate resilience in the South, where poor communities and those of color are forced to live on land most vulnerable to flooding, pollution, and dislocation, foundations need to step up their funding of grassroots… Read More

Foundation Support for Underserved Communities is Necessary to Address Impacts of Climate Change in the South

For Immediate Release  Foundation Support for Underserved Communities is Necessary to Address Impacts of Climate Change in the South  New As the South Grows report says funder support of grassroots organizing and mobility is key to… Read More


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