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Southern Grassroots Organizations are an Overlooked Funding Opportunity for Individual Donors

For Immediate Release Southern Grassroots Organizations are an Overlooked Funding Opportunity for Individual Donors 5 Ways Donors can Jumpstart Funding in the South Washington, D.C. (9/10/2019) – Many savvy philanthropists want to know that their giving… Read More

Leadership Lessons From the VMAs: raceAhead

We don’t know whether our charitable efforts are effective And that’s a big problem, considering Americans gave some $410 billion to good causes in 2017. But without a more organized effort to measure the impacts of this… Read More

With Donor Support, a Regional University Looks to be a Leader in Coastal Resiliency

While national funders have been backing coastal resiliency initiatives with increasing urgency, a 2017 report by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) and Grantmakers for Southern Progress surfaced a disconcerting geographic blindspot across the southern… Read More

How Healthcare Foundations Destroy Grassroots Advocates

Healthcare foundations continue to minimize advocates’ role and to damage advocates and our organizations every day. Here is how healthcare foundations damage us, and what they need to do if we are ever to make real progress:… Read More

Funding Disparities In The South Are A Significant Opportunity For Individual Donors

The old aphorism is true: As the South goes, so goes the nation. The region is one of the fastest growing in the country. It’s expected to gain five Electoral College votes after the 2020 census,… Read More

Philanthropy Responds to Decline in Federal Refugee Support: Is It Enough?

Perhaps philanthropy’s impact is most important when it comes to building a larger pro-immigration movement. A few foundations across the country recognize the need to strategically combat the anti-immigrant narrative that pervades today’s media. This movement… Read More


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