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Report Puts Community Foundations in the Hot Seat on Race

Community foundations fund a bewildering variety of programs and organizations. But one thing they don’t fund enough are programs or organizations specifically targeting Black communities, according to a contentious new report (previously reported on in brief… Read More

America’s Most Unequal City Does Not Trust Black Women to Lead.

But instead of trusting Black-led organizations in this moment, the overwhelming majority of that capital was committed through a closed-door process to almost 200 white-led organizations. Out of the 657 applications for funding, there was no shortage… Read More

Community foundations deny funding to Black communities, a report says. Could that be true?

Martha’s Table, a widely-respected charity in Washington, D.C., provides healthy food to families and operates preschool and after-school programs for kids. It serves all comers, but many, if not most, are Black people. After all, more than… Read More

Economics in Brief: Santa Clara County Rolls Out Foster Youth UBI Program

A report from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy finds that community foundations’ grantmaking is overwhelmingly not designated for Black communities. Read the entire article in Next City. Read More

No Equity Framework at Community Foundations

The National Committee on Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) recently published “Black Funding Denied: Community Foundation Support for Black Communities,” which details the significant underfunding of Black-led organizations and focused efforts by Black community foundations. Read the entire article in Nonprofit… Read More

NCRP Expands its Diverse Board to 18 Members

The Libra Foundation’s Crystal Hayling, the Solidaire Network’s Vini Bhansali and the NEA’s Dáaiyah Bilal-Threats elected to serve on NCRP’s board. Washington, D.C.  — The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) board of directors announced yesterday… Read More


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