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Repealing the estate tax could shut the door on charitable giving

What kinds of gifts are we talking about? Research compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy and analyzed by the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy provides us with perfect illustrations. We’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars… Read More

House Signs Off On Tax Bill That Hurts Charities

The current estate-tax exemptions of $5.49 million for individuals and $10.98 million for couples, as they are, affect only about two out of every 1,000 estates in the U.S., according to Aaron Dorfman, president and CEO… Read More

The Estate Tax and Philanthropy

November 6th, 2017 -- XRAY In The Morning NCRP President & CEO Aaron Dorfman is interviewed on XRAY In The Morning about the estate tax and philanthropy.  Listen to the audio here. Read More

Giving, Politicking, Endowments, and CEO Pay All Could Be Affected by Tax Measure

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy took the lead in recent months to lobby against a repeal of the estate tax. Aaron Dorfman, president of the group, said the treatment of the estate tax was one of the… Read More

Charities Are Divided Over Efforts to Kill the Estate Tax

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy and its partner in the effort, Independent Sector, say that without the estate tax, donors who might have earmarked their riches for charity to lessen their heirs’ tax burden might… Read More

If estate tax is repealed, charitable giving will take a major hit

Our country is having its first serious conversation about comprehensive tax reform in more than three decades and this debate has put many big issues on the table. Should taxpayers be able to deduct the interest… Read More


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