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Dear White Folks in Philanthropy: My “Miley, What’s Good?” Moment by Caitlin Duffy, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy I’ll be honest. I had to look up the pop culture reference in the title. But once I… Read More

Grant Makers Blanket Capitol Hill Amid Deep Worries Over Taxes and Spending Cuts

Aaron Dorfman, president of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, was disappointed that the trip’s organizers focused on a narrow portion of the tax code that is directly relevant to charities. Participants in the Capitol Hill… Read More

Back From the Margins: Behind a New Call to Boost Funding for Black-Led Organizations

Jeanné Isler, vice president and chief engagement officer at the National Committee for Philanthropy, suggested to me that while philanthropy has done important work on race over recent years, it was still falling short in its… Read More

What’s So Special About 5%?

Aaron Dorfman, president of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, says that too often decisions by foundations to pass down their wealth is more of a reflex than a strategy. A multigenerational approach to philanthropy makes… Read More

Time for Philanthropy to Take Bold Action: Invest in Policy Change

According to the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, foundation support for marginalized communities, including low-income communities, communities of color, women and girls, and immigrant communities, grew just 15 percent over eleven years as a share of… Read More

How to Fund Social Change in an Increasingly Networked and Volatile Environment

As the ground continues to shift beneath vulnerable individuals and communities throughout the United States, many people are getting directly involved for the first time. Although protestors are not paid, the infrastructure, planning, and organizing provided… Read More


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